About Us

    “So, transform yourself first…Because you are young and have dreams and want to do something meaningful that, in itself, makes you our future and our hope. Keep expanding your horizon, decolonize your mind, and cross borders"

     —  Yuri Kochiyama

The PEACE Program is dedicated to (P)eer (E)mpowerment, (A)dvocacy/(A)ctivism, & (C)ommunity (E)ngagement. 

We are committed to fostering an inclusive learning community that centers social justice leadership and mentorship, critical intercultural dialogue and engagement, and building strong community connections.  The PEACE Program recognizes that connection and support have a positive impact on freshman and first-year transfer students, especially those from historically underrepresented or marginalized cultures and identities. 

The PEACE Program is comprised of peer mentors and mentees.  Peer mentors, aka, PEACE Keepers are social justice peer mentors and leaders who are responsible for assisting their mentees (PEACE Makers) with college adjustment, navigating campus resources, and providing advocacy, support and guidance.   Mentees, aka, PEACE Makers are freshman and first-year transfer students who are interested in getting involved with a community that values diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice.


We welcome your questions.  Please contact Laura D'Amore, Ph.D., Associate Professor of American Studies at ldamore@rwu.edu.

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