University-Sponsored Graduate Housing

Beginning in August 2022, RWU will offer limited housing for graduate and Law students at the Almeida Residential Community located two miles from the main campus in Bristol, RI.

Limited graduate and Law student housing will be available in the 200s building at the Almeida Residential Community beginning August 1, 2022. Housing options will include one-bedroom apartments (single occupant or couple) and two-bedroom apartments (double or triple occupancy). Each apartment is carpeted, fully furnished, and equipped with a living room, a kitchen with a full-sized electric stove/oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, dining room area, and bathroom. There is a laundry facility on the first floor of each building.

Room TypeMonthly RateSemester RateAnnual Rate (11-month lease)
Small Room / 2-bedroom$1,100$6,050$12,100
Large room / 2-bedroom$1,250$6,875$13,750
Private / 1-bedroom$1,500$8,250$15,950
Shared / 1-bedroom$900$4,950$9,900

Based on our first housing survey earlier this spring, demand for housing will likely surpass the number of units we have available. Please note that this is the first time we have had university-sponsored graduate or Law housing since 2015 and students have always been able to find suitable housing even as the market has gotten competitive. 

If you are not selected for university-sponsored housing, please consult our Graduate Housing Resources page for comprehensive information on finding housing in the local area. Your respective admissions office can also assist. 

Application Process

Applications for housing consideration will open on Monday, May 9th, and close at 5:00pm on Friday, May 13th. Late applications will only be considered on a space-available basis. Housing selection notifications will be made by June 1, 2022. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Graduate Financial Aid Office will be creating modified budgets to allow for you to use your federal student loans to cover your housing costs.

Please email for more information. 

Students residing in university housing will receive an 11-month lease and billed in two equal payments, one in the fall semester and one in the spring. These charges will appear on your university bill and will be paid directly to the university in a lump sum. Financial aid funds may be used to cover your housing expenses.

Yes, partners or spouses are permitted in one-bedroom units. 

Unfortunately, no. However, students with Emotional Support Animals or Service Animals will be accommodated based on the provisions defined in the Fair Housing Act.

Emotional Support Animals (ESA) must be appropriate for an indoor environment. Size, breed, species, and age restrictions apply (for example: no reptiles, birds, hedgehogs, puppies). The Fair Housing Act defines an emotional support animal as any animal that provides emotional support, well-being, or companionship that alleviates or mitigates symptoms of the disability; the animal is not individually trained. Emotional support animals are not limited to dogs and can be other species of animal. Emotional support animals are not considered service animals. In order to bring an emotional support animal to campus, the requesting student must submit this request form and the Treating Practitioner’s Verification of Disability form to SAS following the instructions at Animals should not be brought to campus prior to approval being granted. Size, breed and species, and age restrictions are listed in the chart below. 

Animal:Role:Size Restrictions:Breed & Species Restrictions:Age Restrictions:
DogServiceNoneNonePassed Certification
DogEmotional SupportNoneNoneDogs must be at least one year old
CatEmotional SupportNoneNoneNone
AquaticEmotional SupportTank less than 10 gallonsNo reptilesNone
Small Caged AnimalsEmotional SupportNoneNo hedgehogs, sugar gliders, rodents, exotics, wild animals, etc.None

No. University housing is not currently set up to accommodate families. We recommend consulting the Graduate Housing Resources page for options for rentals that can accommodate families. 

Each apartment is fully furnished with living room furniture, kitchen appliances, and a desk, bureau, and bed for each student in the bedrooms. Apartments can be provided unfurnished by request. 

Roommate preferences can be listed on your application for housing, but not guaranteed. We will also provide a shared listing of students looking for roommates in the near future. 

Yes, parking is available in front of the 200s building. A parking permit will be required for parking at Almeida and on campus. 

The University runs a continuous shuttle service throughout the academic year that directly serves the Almeida Residential Community.

While washers and dryers are not provided in individual apartment units, coin-op laundry rooms are available on the first floor of each building. 

Leases will be guaranteed for the first 11-month period. Decisions on the option to renew will be shared during the academic year. 

Graduate and Law housing will be in the 200s unit of the Almeida Residential Community. View the floor plans