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During the Freshman Convocation Ceremony and Law Orientation this August, we celebrated the highly regarded tradition of more than 1,700 students making bold steps toward creating enriching lives and discovering their purpose at Roger Williams University and the School of Law. This time is a pivotal new beginning for our incoming classes – first time living away from home, balancing life, exploring their interests, making new friends, and finding a path for so much more. We are grateful to our more than 4,000 donors – alumni, parents, employees and friends –  who helped to make these exciting new beginnings a reality for our students. It your support that will continue to prepare them to succeed at Roger Williams and beyond. Read on to find out how your generosity is changing lives.

Thanks to your contributions, RWU and RWU Law welcomed full classes of first-year students. Here’s a look at who they are:

  • 1,764

    1,203 undergraduates
    261 continuing studies students
    164 law students
    136 graduate students

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    They came from 32 states (and D.C.), ranging as far as Texas and Washington, and 13 foreign countries, from Singapore to Nigeria to El Salvador.

  • 84%

    The percentage of students who received scholarships and grants from RWU and RWU Law this year, thanks to your vital contributions.

Feinstein Community Connections

Before undergraduate classes even start, RWU focuses on civic scholarship by instilling the value of commitment to community and service with Feinstein Community Connections, an annual day of service that immerses the entire freshman class in 30 cities and towns throughout Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts to contribute to a variety of community service projects.

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Intercultural Leadership Ambassador Judith Suffrard ’21

Community Leadership Scholars

Thanks to your contributions, RWU provides full-tuition scholarships to students who have made a difference in their communities through the Intercultural Leadership Ambassador Program (ILAP) and Rhode Island Community Ambassador Program (RICAP). These programs and additional donor-funded book awards make a critical difference to our students like Intercultural Leadership Ambassador Judith Suffrard ’21. A first-generation college student who grew up speaking Haitian Creole at home, Judith has demonstrated academic achievement and leadership in creating an inclusive community. At RWU, Judith aims to continue building a diverse campus community by getting involved as Student Senate Vice President for the freshman class.

Public Interest Scholar, Amy Greer

Public Interest Scholars

With your support, RWU Law continues to grow new generations of students who value making a meaningful impact on local and global communities. As a Public Interest Scholar, Amy Greer arrived at RWU Law this fall as an accomplished professional with an impressive array of public interest work already under her belt. Some of her accomplishments include co-founding Providence’s Center for Refugee Advocacy and Support, training public librarians on public access technology through The Edge Initiative of Urban Libraries Council, and helping local high school students earn college credit as an adjunct professor in the RWU School of Continuing Studies Advanced Course Network program. Even with this impressive track record of service, Amy is aiming higher by attending RWU Law in order to make a greater impact on access to justice for all.

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On behalf of Roger Williams University and the School of Law, RWU Trustee Arlene Violet thanks our generous donors for their loyal support. Hear from Trustee Violet about the impact of your giving.

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