Thriving RWU 2030: A Summit on Diversity and Inclusion

- Fieldhouse - Campus Recreation Center, Bristol Campus, One Old Ferry RoadRegistration Required

On Tuesday, January 23, 2018, you are invited to a gathering of the whole RWU community to co-create our vision and direction for equity, inclusion and diversity at Roger Williams University.

Changing demographics. Stubborn achievement gaps. The value of higher education increasingly questioned. The proliferation of jobs requiring a college degree, without a corresponding increase in college graduates. Rapid technological advancements. Local and global unrest. The rise of nationalism and violent rhetoric. The clash of the ideals of free speech and inclusion.

The challenges before us are massive.

So are the opportunities.

Roger Williams University has determined to be the University that the world needs now. If there ever was a time for an institution of higher education to bring all it is and has to strengthen society, now will be that time. The only thing powerful enough to engage with the challenges and fears of the present in order to create the future we want is US. WE are passionate enough, we are committed enough. TOGETHER, we are wise enough and strong enough to impact our future.

Please join us for an exercise in co-creation as we tap into the best of what is, and stretch far beyond, to create a future that engages our talent to create equity and inclusion in a dynamic and diverse world.

We need your voice, we need your heart, minds and hearts to be who we need to be and get where we need to go.

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