Protest: A Teach-In

- LAW 285

Protest: A Teach-In

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Youth-led movements for social change in the U.S. since 1968:

The 21st century has seen countless protests led by young people who are seeking social change for a better world. Youth-led protest has a long history in the U.S., and this Teach-In will teach about five moments in time when protest was an effective mechanism to spark real change. 

Saturday, September 22, 12-5pm in Law 285

5 hours, 5 topics - drop in, drop out.

Come learn about effective protests in US cultural history:

Dr. Aaron Allen, Department of American Studies:
‘Our Survival is Non-Negotiable’: Student Dissent and The San Francisco College Strike

Gabby Porcaro, Asst. Director of Queer & Trans Student Initiatives:
‘Trans is Beautiful’ - Student Activism and the Push for a True Trans Tipping Point

Dr. Jeremy Campbell, Department of Anthropology/Sociology:
Environmental Justice and Tribal Sovereignty in the North American 'Sacrifice Zone’

Dr. Jason Jacobs, Department of Foreign Languages:
‘Just drop my body on the steps of Congress’: AIDS and Political Mourning

Dr. Laura D’Amore, Department of American Studies:
‘We’re human, and being treated as less than such:’ Exploitation, Title IX, and The 1976 Yale Women’s Crew Team