Hidden Truths: Alumni Panel Focused on the Intersection of Racial Disparities and Public Health Issues

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Racial Disparities in U.S. Maternal Outcomes as a Result of the Structure and Function of Healthcare Facilities  
Mary Dinnean ’18, National Strategy & Business Development Associate at Boston Children’s Hospital, will present a discussion on systematic inequalities in the maternal healthcare that Black and minority women receive compared to white counterparts during labor and birth. Such disparities include hospital resource divide, provider racial bias, cultural competency, and communication. All such factors contribute to disproportionately high rates of maternal mortality and severe morbidity among Black and minority mothers.

Disparities in Access to Mental Health Resources for Minoritized Communities
Willie Borkai ’14, a second-year graduate student in Rhode Island College’s master in clinical mental health counseling program, will discuss the social inequities, disparities and stigmas that prevent people of color from seeking mental health care and the systemic obstacles minority communities face in accessing adequate mental health services. Through his work and research, he aims to destigmatize mental health within minority communities and to improve racial and ethnic representation in the mental health care workforce.

A new yearlong series at Roger Williams University, “Hidden Truths: Stories of Race and Place,” will present important conversations on the marginalized stories of our local area, and its complicated history with Indigenous peoples, the slave trade, environmental justice and immigration, and how these issues surface as present day disparities and systemic racial inequities. Faculty members and alumni will present lectures across wide-ranging, interdisciplinary fields of expertise throughout the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters.

All lectures will be offered as virtual presentations, with time provided for questions and answers.

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