*Rooms will be singles within the suite and attendees can choose a suite together.
If attendees are vaccinated, they can share rooms.
Individuals from same household can room together regardless of vaccination.

Experience today’s “dorm life” in the newly constructed North Campus Residence Hall and find out how things have changed since YOU lived on campus. This 120,000- square-foot, one of a kind residence hall has breathtaking views of our new athletic fields, tennis courts and beyond to the beautiful Mount Hope Bay. This 350 bed residence hall combines suites and apartments, each with private bathrooms and lounge space including a two story multi-purpose room, classrooms and game room.

Whether you are looking to share space with nine of your former classmates or your spouse and children, we have room arrangements to meet your requirements in our North Campus Residence Hall.

Please indicate whom you would like to room with when registering for accommodations.  Feel free to review the suite layouts below for reference. Our offices will do our best to meet your rooming requests, if given in advance. We will place your group in the appropriate size suite.  Late registrations are not guaranteed room preference.

Suite Example 1: 2 Rooms (2 beds in each room)

a graphic showing a suite with two rooms with two beds in each





Suite Example 2: 3 Rooms (2 beds in each room)

a graphic showing suite example 2 with three rooms with two beds in each






Suite Example 3: 2 Singles and 4 Rooms with 2 beds in each

a graphic showing suite example 3 with two singles and four rooms with two beds in each




Off-Campus Accommodations