Individualized Major

Students who wish to pursue more in-depth in sustainability studies may choose to design their own majors. Several students in recent years have chosen to do this for their primary or a second major. Working in consultation with advisors from two programs, students will choose from among the sustainability courses and others to develop a focused area of concentration that pertains to sustainability issues. The text below is the catalog description of the individualized major. Students who are considering an individualzied course of study for their major should contact potential faculty advisors as soon as possible to ensure timely development of a plan of study.

The cover form and questions that must be answered in a proposal is available here (pdf).

From the 2014-2015 RWU Catalog:

"Interdisciplinary Individualized Major

Prior to having completed 90 credit hours, students may, with the assistance of a faculty advisor from each sponsoring area, create a major leading to a bachelor degree that draws upon courses from more than one discipline and/or college or school of the University. The student must, in consultation with faculty, formulate a course of study that constitutes a coherent major program consisting of a minimum 36 credit hours. The student and the faculty advisor must sign the proposed course of study and submit it to the appropriate Dean for review and to the Provost for final approval. An Interdisciplinary Individualized major, if approved, is recorded in the Office of the Registrar and serves as the basis for the degree evaluation."


katie_nolan"In a world that is constantly changing, practicing sustainability helps provide us with an environment that produces basic human necessities like water, energy, food, and materials. Understanding sustainability gives you an advantage in any field because it allows you to make decisions that will benefit future generations and keep the environment from deteriorating more than it already has."

 -Katie Nolan, Environmental Science, Class of 2013