The Division of University Studies brings together a range of interdisciplinary majors and minors for hands-on, project-based learning experiences that develop critical skills and knowledge need for success after graduation. Courses in our programs are taught by accomplished faculty and staff. 


  • East Asian Studies

    East Asian Studies explores the cultures, history and politics of China, Japan and Korea. By studying these globally significant economies through coursework, language labs and study abroad opportunities, you’ll gain an appreciation for the region’s complex traditions, cultural resources and historic contributions to richen your future career in architecture, business, writing, education, history and more.


  • Gender and Sexuality Studies

    Gender and Sexuality Studies at RWU bridges subjects like literature, psychology, justice and politics to explore gender and sexuality issues in society. By investigating topics such as race, class, ethnicity and religion in sexual identity and the representation of gender in media, you’ll learn how to think and respond critically to social justice issues and civil discourse -- an essential skill for any career in our diverse global community.


  • Latin American and Latino Studies

    Explore the people, languages, history, cultures and politics of Latin America in this interdisciplinary program, which blends classroom study with community-based learning and study abroad opportunities. Latin American and Latino Studies can enhance any career path -- from business and law to journalism and the arts -- by expanding your knowledge of Latin America’s diversity, influence and evolving relationship with the U.S.


  • Sustainability Studies

    Sustainability Studies at RWU is all about seeking solutions to the Earth’s most pressing problems. By combining ideas from a variety of disciplines -- from science and humanities to business, engineering and architecture -- you’ll develop a deeper understanding of the complex relationships among environmental, social and economic issues that will help guide your decision-making in your career and as a 21st century citizen.


  • Urban Studies

    For the first time in human history, the majority of people on earth live in urban settings. RWU’s multidisciplinary Urban Studies program immerses you in studying the unique culture and dynamics of cities through subjects such as sociology, political science and architecture. You’ll learn how city dwellers live, behave and face persistent problems, which can inform a wide variety of careers including social and community service, education, public policy, historic preservation and law.

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