languagesStudents in the East Asian Studies minor complete one year of an East Asian language.  Courses in Chinese (Mandarin) and Japanese are offered on campus; students may transfer in credits in Korean if completed at another university.


Study of Mandarin Chinese is offered through Advanced level; students may also declare a core concentration and minor in Chinese language.  Students who need placement level testing should see the chair of the Foreign Languages department in Global Heritage Hall for information.

Courses are sequenced; in order to move on to the next level, students must complete courses with a grade of C or higher.  Except for CHN 350, Advanced Topics, courses are not open to native speakers of Mandarin.

Introductory Courses:

CHN 101 Elementary Chinese I (no prerequisite); offered Fall semesters
CHN 102 Elementary Chinese II (continuation of 101); offered Spring semesters

Intermediate Courses:
CHN 201 Intermediate Chinese I (offered Fall semesters)
CHN 202 Intermediate Chinese II (offered Spring semesters)

Advanced Courses:
CHN 311 Advanced Chinese Conversation (offered Fall semesters)
CHN 350 Advanced Topics (Various topics, Special offerings)


Japanese language courses at RWU are taught by a part-time adjunct instructor and listed under the Language (LANG) prefix in the schedule of classes.  Classes are distinguished by course title and section number.  Currently, only first-year Japanese is taught; with sufficient continuing enrollments, an intermediate course may be scheduled.

LANG 430  Japanese Language and Culture I
LANG 430  Japanese Language and Culture II