Success After Graduation

In the School of Justice Studies (SJS), you develop close relationships with our faculty experts and put your learning into practice. Networking opportunities and hands-on internships get you out in the field, preparing you to be hired in private industries or public service careers.

RWU Equips You for a Great Career

graphic representing 93 percent of 2020 grads  found success in employment or in graduate school 6 months after their graduation
Placement 2020 Grads

Even with the challenges of the pandemic, our 2020 graduates found success in employment or in graduate school 6 months after their graduation.

graphic representing School of Justice Studies 2020 Graduates average starting salary within six months following graduation
Average Starting Salary

For School of Justice Studies 2020 Graduates employed within six months following graduation.

graphic representing 100 percent of SJS students have guaranteed opportunities for internships or co-op experiences at various agencies throughout the criminal justice field.
Real-World Experience

SJS students have guaranteed opportunities for internships or co-op experiences at various agencies throughout the criminal justice field.

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Alumni Stories of Success 

Across all our programs, alumni find success in graduate programs and their fields.

image of RWU alum Jenn Reale“When I was at Roger, a lot of my learning was applied. I was involved with a lot of research projects that were very hands-on and meaningful. Having the opportunity to do work like that and not have it be abstract was important to me.”

JENN REALE ’20, J.D. Candidate at Northeastern University School of Law, Boston, M.A. 
Majors: Legal Studies and Psychology

image of RWU alum Kristina Rauccio, now an anti-money laundering investigator at Santander Bank

“I learned how interesting it can be not to just look at the law and how people break it, but to understand why. I had a great four years. It was really motivating, and I love my job now.”

KRISTINA RAUCCIO '17, Anti-Money Laundering Investigator at Santander Bank,  South Boston, M.A.
Majors: Criminal Justice & Psychology
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Real-World Experience Sets Up Success

image of RWU alum Anthony Mosesso, now security operations analyst at Hubspot“I started as an intern at HubSpot when I was finishing my last semester. I was able to apply my studying to my internship, then I parlayed that into a full-time position. I’ve had two promotions after that.”

ANTHONY MOSESSO '18, Security Operations Analyst at Hubspot, Cambridge, M.A.
Major: Cybersecurity & Networking 
Minor: Political Science
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image of Rebecca Millard RWU '18 “There’s no better people to learn from than people that are out in the field doing exactly what you want to do. [RWU’s] program has pulled in some really great people to help get our foot in the door and get more students internships and experiences like I’ve had.”

REBECCA MILLARD '18 , Graduate Student of Biomedical Forensic Science at Boston University's School of Medicine, Boston, M.A.
Major: Forensic Science
More: Getting a Foot in the Door of Forensic Science

Alumni: RWU Key to My Success

image of RWU Alum Kelsey Harrington who works as Victim Compensation manager at Mass. Attorney General's Office“The Criminal Justice Department itself is so accepting and just really want their students to succeed and that’s definitely one of the reasons I stuck around. It helped me realize the population I like to specialize in is victims, which I think is a field you don’t typically get to study in criminal justice programs.”

KELSEY HARRINGTON '16, '18M, Victim Compensation Manager at Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office, Boston, M.A.
Majors: Criminal Jusice & Psychology
M.S. in Criminal Justice
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Caitlyn Hansbury“At Roger Williams I had the opportunity to participate in the Legal Advocacy Clinic. My experience with the clinic helped secure my current position. It was very beneficial to have a background in restraining orders. "

CAITLYN HANSBURY ’19, Victim Witness Advocate at Norfolk County District Attorney, Canton, M.A.
Major: Criminal Justice

image of RWU alum Tonya Harris, Exec Dir, RI Coalition Against Domestic Violence“Knowing that the university was able to accommodate a flexible path beyond the typical four years was very helpful for me and my lifestyle. It helped me tremendously in achieving what I knew I wanted: a degree. I was the first in my family to receive a college degree, so it meant a lot to my parents and family.”

TONYA HARRIS ’02, Executive Director, Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Providence R.I.
Major: Criminal Justice
More: Trailblazing a Path from Police Officer to Executive Director

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Beyond the Classroom

image of RWU alum Joseph McKenna, now Director of Safety at Comal Indpendent School Dist“I developed good relationships with faculty that took it beyond the classroom. It wasn't just a lecture every day. I had the opportunity to work with professors on different projects and focus on other areas that I was interested in.”

JOSEPH McKENNA '11, Director of Safety & Security at Comal Independent School District, New Braunfels, T.X.
Major: Criminal Justice
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image of RWU alum Dan Gortze, exec dir of IT Security at Cumberland Farms

“The program was really designed well to set you up with the foundations you need. It was really focused on practical skills and Doug [White] does a really good job keeping up with the industry and the skills that employers want to see.”

DAN GORTZE '10, ​​​​Executive Director of IT Security and Infrastructure at Cumberland Farms, Westborough, M.A.
Major: Cybersecurity & Networking
More: Learning the Fundamentals of Cybersecurity

Brittany Foster in Uniform“I ended up loving the location of Roger Williams and the program they offered. There is just so much you can do within the field.”

BRITTANY FOSTER '12, '19M, ​​​​Patrol Officer at Newport Police Department, Newport R.I.
Majors: Criminal Jusice
M.S. in Leaderhsip
More: From RWU to the Newport Police Department

Accelerated Programs

As a student in the School of Justice Studies, you don’t have to stop your education at a Bachelor’s Degree. We offer a 3+3 program for the most passionate students to earn a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies and Juris Doctor from RWU Law in six years, and a 4+1 program leading to a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science in Criminal Justice.

image of RWU Alum Harry Hall, a law clerk at Sensata Technologies

“I was able to find something that combined my appreciation for history and my career goals. It’s a very lawyerly way of thinking because it forces you to ask why. You have to get to the underlying interest behind people’s positions.”

HARRY HALL '17, JD '19, Corporate Counsel at Sensata Technologies, Attleboro, MA
Majors: Legal Studies and Law (3+3) & American Studies Doctor of Law - JD
More: Interdisciplinary Nature of Legal Studies 

Nicholas Dillon“The university really prepared me well to get me where I am now. I credit a lot back to the professors, friends, other contacts and colleagues and peers at the university for getting me where I am today.”

NICHOLAS DILLON ’17, '18M, Special Investigator at Perspecta, Hartford, CT 
Major: Criminal Justice 4+1 

Experiential Learning: Turning Passion into Careers

Our students learn what life is like as a professional in their fields. Whether it’s through an internship, project-based learning with a national nonprofit organization or using the newest state-of-the-art technology, you’ll graduate knowing what to expect.

Check out exciting experiential projects:

  • Hands-on internships like Daryn Javer's '18 at the R.I. State Crime Lab allowed her to work alongside expert forensic scientists examining real evidence.
Daryn Javer in RI State Crime Lab
Daryn Javer '18 analyzing discharged cartridge cases.
  • Through a project-based course, Ashley Barton '15 partnered with Scholars at Risk, a nonprofit organization that promotes academic freedom for intellectuals around the world who have been jailed for expressing their beliefs.

State-of-the-Art Facilities and Resources

Students in the School of Justice Studies have the opportunity to work with justice system experts, gaining hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies.

  • Learn alongside the experts. Based in the School of Justice Studies, the Justice System Training & Research Institute (JSTRI) provides seminars and professional development training to justice system personnel. 
  • Work with cutting edge technology in the Forensics and Networking Security (FANS) Center.
  • The School of Justice Studies works with the RI Attorney General's Office, Department of Corrections, Police Departments, the State Crime Lab, and more to guarantee internships or co-op experiences for every student. 

Become a RISE Scholar

RWU offers a renewable $10,000 scholarship for talented scholars entering STEM fields. RISE Scholars receive mentoring and support in preparation for successful careers. 

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