Command Training Series Graduates

The Command Training Series is intended as a conceptual continuum of management and leadership education for criminal justice professionals. The courses have been designed to provide supervisory and management personnel with knowledge and skills appropriate to their role responsibility in modern criminal justice agencies. Typically lasting from a few days to a few weeks, these training's graduate dozens of members of the justice community each year.

Check out some of our newest Command Training Services graduates:

  • First Line Supervisor
  • Mid-Management
  • Executive Development

COMMAND TRAINING SERIES: First Line Supervisor Course Graduates December 2017

COMMAND TRAINING SERIES: First Line Supervisor Course Graduates December 2017
Sergeant Leo Lane, Amtrak Police Department; Sergeant Robert Wayne, Boston College Police Department; Sergeant Brian Eng, Braintree, MA Police Department; Sergeants Christopher Bruso and David Westervelt, Charlestown, RI Police Department; Sergeant Michael Doyle, Dedham, MA Police Department; Officer Joseph Cole, Foster, RI Police Department; Sergeant Aaron O’Neil, Hopkinton, MA Police Department; Sergeant Richard Holcroft, Merrimac, MA Police Department; Sergeant Kristopher Dees, Middleborough, MA Police Department; Sergeant Jeremy Trefry, Northborough, MA Police Department; Officer Holly Harris, Plymouth State University Police Department; Sergeants Chris Dyer and Rob Miller, Portland, ME Police Department; Sergeant Kevan Spoor, Provincetown, MA Police Department; Sergeant Craig Forget, Rehoboth, MA Police Department; Sergeant Richard Dellaria, Salisbury, MA Police Department; Sergeant Bethany Dolock, South Kingstown, RI Police Department; Sergeant Sean Paine, Sturbridge, MA Police Department; Sergeant Craig Bayer, Truro, MA Police Department; Sergeants Mark Bouthillier and Ryan Brown, University of Connecticut Police Department; Sergeant James Sullivan, University of Massachusetts Amherst Police Department; Sergeants David Bergeron and Kevin MacDonald, Uxbridge, MA Police Department; Sergeant Austin Maguire, Weare, NH Police Department; and Sergeant Gary Cambra, Westport, MA Police Department

Command Training Series:  Executive Development Course 2017 Graduates:

Captain Tracie McCain, Amtrak Police Department; Lieutenant Scott Plumer, Bedford, NH Police Department; Captain Sean Parker, Cranston, RI Police Department; Lieutenant David Young, Cumberland, ME Police Department; Chief Matthew Stone, Holliston, MA Police Department; Deputy Chief Joseph Razza, Johnston, RI Police Department; Lieutenant Ken Creutz, Ledyard, CT Police Department; Lieutenant John Ventura, Wallingford, CT Police Department; Lieutenant Frank Hebert, Weare, NH Police Department; Major Ernest Lavigne, West Warwick, RI Police Department, and Lieutenant George Labonte, Bridges Facilitator, Wrentham, MA Police Department.

COMMAND TRAINING SERIES:  Mid-Management Course Graduates October 2017

mid management october 17
Sergeant James Forsyth, Amtrak Police; Sergeant Geoffrey Bardeen and Corporal William Daisey, Berlin, NH Police; Lieutenant John Carvalho, Brown University Department of Public Safety; Lieutenants Jason Lawson and Jon Young, Burlington, VT Police; Lieutenant Donald Robertson, Cranston, RI Police; Lieutenant Robert Shreders, Darien, CT Police; Sergeant Nick Parham, Groton Town, CT Police; Lieutenant Timothy Bernier, Guilford, CT Police; Lieutenant Benjamin Nugent, Keene, NH Police; Lieutenants Paul Demers and Nathaniel Rodriguez, New Bedford, MA Police; Sergeant James Scesny, Northborough, MA Police; Lieutenant Jonathan Ley, Norwich, CT Police; Sergeants Kuffer Kaltenborn and John Peracchi, Portsmouth, NH Police; Lieutenants Mark Mooney and Maryanne Perry, Portsmouth, RI Police; Chief Nicholas Monaco, Rutland, MA Police; Lieutenant Matthew Jardine, Seekonk, MA Police; Sergeant Michael Fappiano, Seymour, CT Police; Sergeants Douglas C. Dubie and Jonathan Namdar, South Burlington, VT Police; Sergeant Gregory J. Molgano, Springfield, VT Police; Sergeant Victor Jorge, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth Police; Sergeant Brandon Montplaisir, Weare, NH Police; and Sergeant Joseph Vinci, Westwood, MA Police.

COMMAND TRAINING SERIES:  First Line Supervisor September 2017 Graduates:

COMMAND TRAINING SERIES:  First Line Supervisor September 2017 Graduates
Sergeant Frank Rizzo, Amtrak Police; Staff Sergeant Joseph Brown, Barre, MA; Sergeant Phillip Jones, Bridgton, ME; Sergeant Daniel Merchand, Burlington, VT; Sergeant Domenic Guglielmo, Coventry, RI; Sergeants Jon Pariseault and Dennis Trinh, Cranston, RI ; Sergeant Saverio Boccuzzi, Darien, CT; Sergeant Kevin Swain, Fairhaven, MA; Sergeant Christopher Holt, Groton Town, CT; Sergeant Kenneth Belson, Holliston, MA; Corporal John Petrosh, Mashpee, MA; Sergeant Duane Keegan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Sergeant Daniel Campbell, Milford, NH; Sergeant Nick Ambrosino, North Kingstown, RI; Sergeants Harrison Formiglio and Anthony Gomes, Norwich, CT; Sergeants Thomas Carey and James Payne, Norwood, MA; Sergeants John Cahoon and Michael Morse, Portsmouth, RI; Sergeant Justin Murphy, Seabrook, NH; Sergeant Mark Sgalia, South Kingstown, RI; Sergeant Jessica Norton, University of Massachusetts Amherst; Sergeant Josiah Morrissette, Uxbridge, MA; Sergeant Ryan Frisbie, Weare NH; Sergeants Sean Lukowicz, Brian Mauhs, and Thomas Nye, West Warwick, RI; Sergeant Kevin Dupras, Western New England University; and Sergeant Brian Cachedi and Officer George Tsoukalas, Yarmouth, MA.

COMMAND TRAINING SERIES GRADUATES Mid-Management Course October 2016

COMMAND TRAINING SERIES: Mid-Management Course Graduates October 2016(in alphabetical order by department): Sergeant Jude L. Garden, Amtrak; Lieutenant John Carroll and Captain Craig Horton, Central Falls, RI; Sergeant Brian Schechter, Cheshire, CT; Lieutenant Joseph Morahan, Concord, MA; Sergeants Brian Sladewski and Tony Vincent, Dartmouth, MA; Sergeants Thomas Murray and Richard Troy, Dennis, MA; Lieutenant Joseph Hoebeke, Hollis, NH; Sergeant Alan Muench, Ledyard, CT; Lieutenants Robert Barber and Kyle Rekas, Narragansett, RI; Lieutenant Jeffrey Covello, New Milford, CT; Officer Gregory Jordan, Newmarket, NH; Lieutenant Christopher Conley, Norwich, CT; Sergeant David Keaveny, Portsmouth, NH; Lieutenant Michael Arnold, Portsmouth, RI; Lieutenants Joseph Petrarca, Earl Read, and Thomas Snow, Warwick, RI; and Lieutenant Frank Hebert, Weare, NH.

COMMAND TRAINING SERIES GRADUATES First Line Supervisor September 2016

CTS FLS Sept 2016
COMMAND TRAINING SERIES: First Line Supervisor Graduates September 2016 (in alphabetical order by department): Officers Zach Howry and Adam Marsh, Berlin, NH; Sergeant Joseph Pitta, Concord, NH; Sergeant Andrew Homestead, Duxbury, MA; Sergeant Michael Sousa, East Longmeadow, MA; Sergeant Robert Hall, Essex, VT; Sergeant Martina Jakober, Guilford, CT; Sergeant Philip Emmott, Hingham, MA; Corporal Nicholas Kerwin, Johnson & Wales University; Sergeant James Sevigne, Ludlow, MA; Sergeant Michael Assad, Mashpee, MA; Sergeant Nathan Febert, Middleborough, MA; Sergeants Marc Anderson, Clark Gaphardt, James Stone, and Officer Patrick Hannon, Nashua, NH; Sergeant John McDevitt, Norwell, MA; Sergeant Josip Peperni, Norwich, CT; Sergeants David Dolan and Peter Spetelunas, Pawtucket, RI; Sergeant Brian Barbato, Pelham, NH; Sergeants Nicholas Goodman and Christopher Mitchell, Portland, ME; Sergeants Matthew Jennette and Jonathan Kantorski, Providence, RI; Sergeant Robert Dolan, RI School of Design; Sergeant Patrick Mooney, Swansea, MA; Sergeants Darren Cook and Patrick Mickens, University of Connecticut; Sergeants Jon Hall, UMASS Amherst; Sergeant Kristopher Kamborian, UMASS Boston; Sergeants James Michailides and Daniel DiMaio and Officer Steven Nelson, Warwick, RI.


COMMAND TRAINING SERIES: Executive Development Course Graduates 2016 (in alphabetical order by department): Deputy Chief James F. Sullivan, Dennis, MA; Lieutenant Richard Noonan, Foxborough, MA; Lieutenant Craig Denman, Holliston, MA; Major Frank J. Levesque, Johnston, RI; Captain Matthew Roy, Massachusetts State Police; Lieutenant David Bissonnette, Middletown, RI; Captain Matthew Moynihan, Lieutenants Robert Creamer, Michael McGlynn, Scott Raynes, Christopher Schram, Rhode Island State Police; Deputy Chief Christopher Young, Rockland, ME; Captain Frank A. John, Seekonk, MA; Lieutenant Craig Danziger and Sergeant Scott Holway, Truro, MA; Captain John Kelley, Vernon, CT; Lieutenant Roy Borges, Warren, RI; Captains Jamie Calise and Mark Ullucci, Warwick, RI


COMMAND TRAINING SERIES: Mid-Management Course March 2017 (in alphabetical order by department): Sergeant Gregory Zujus, Amtrak; Lieutenant David Dutcher, Sergeants Jason Burnham, Camillo Grande, and Joshua Stemp, Bennington, VT; Sergeant Nathan Roy, Berlin, NH; Lieutenant Ranee Boyd, Concord, NH; Sergeants Joseph Morris and Nicholas Patsavos, Dennis, MA; Lieutenant James West, Franklin, MA; Lieutenant Mark Catania, Glastonbury, CT; Lieutenants Matthew Isham and Richard Smolenski, Lebanon, NH; Captain Benjamin Sargent, Litchfield, NH; Lieutenants Paul DaCosta and Arthur Hegarty, Sergeant Evan Bielski, New Bedford, MA; Lieutenant Heather LaRock, Orange, CT; Sergeants Joseph DiGeorge and Joseph McCormack, Pittsfield, NH; Lieutenant Nicholas Mullins, Plainville, CT; Chief Deputy John Dean, RI Division of State Fire Marshal; Lieutenant Diogo DeOliveira, Somerville, MA; Lieutenant Gregg Jager, South Burlington, VT; Lieutenant Mark Giancotti, Townsend, MA; Sergeant Brandon King, University of Vermont; Lieutenant Scott P. Robillard, Warwick, RI; Sergeant Jason Senerchia, West Warwick, RI.

COMMAND TRAINING SERIES: First Line Supervisor May 2017

COMMAND TRAINING SERIES: First Line Supervisor May 2017 (in alphabetical order by department): Officer Eric Benjamin, Berlin, NH; Sergeant Brian LaBarge, Burlington, VT; Sergeant Frank Rodriguez, Central Falls, RI; Sergeant Jeffrey Young, Concord, MA; Sergeant William Brigham, Franklin, MA; Sergeant Matthew McNeil, Hopkinton, MA; Sergeant Keith Lambrechts, Hopkinton, RI; Sergeant Joseph McGinn, Johnston, RI; Sergeants Paul Deforitis and Sean Munnelly, MIT; Sergeant Jeffrey Pearson, Corporals Matt Knisley and Michael Philbrick, Montpelier, VT; Sergeants Jennifer Greene and Ty Kucharski, Nashua, NH; Sergeants Stanley Chaberek, Kurt Dreher, Norman Duchesneau, and Jonathan Pavao, New Bedford, MA: Sergeant Bryan Resnick, Norwell, MA; Sergeant Daniel Ashworth, Pawtucket, RI; Chief of Investigations Michael Sweeney, RI State Fire Marshal; Sergeants Gregory Casper and Shaun Kelley, Seekonk, MA; Lieutenant Diogo DeOliveira, Somerville, MA; Sergeant David MacDonough, South Burlington, VT; Sergeant Sean McCarthy, Southborough, MA; Sergeant Brad Fisk, Southwick, MA; Detective Joey Faria and Officer Richard Gibeau, Swansea, MA; Sergeant Steven Raneo, Truro, MA; Sergeant Peter Chapman, University of Vermont; Sergeants Randy Francis, Robert Hart, Stephen Lombardi, and Stephen Major, Warwick, RI; and Sergeant Briand Ketcham, West Warwick, RI.

COMMAND TRAINING SERIES GRADUATES First Line Supervisor December 2016

COMAND TRAINING SERIES: First Line Supervisor Course December 2016 (in alphabetical order by department): Sergeant James Mosesso, Braintree, MA; Lieutenant Michael Carrier, Brattleboro, VT; Sergeant Timothy Chaffee, Dedham, MA; Sergeant Friend Weiler, Duxbury; Sergeant Robert Call, Emerson College; Sergeant John Dunn, Essex, VT; Sergeants Michael Dumond and Derrek St. Laurent, Lewiston, ME; Sergeant Michael Jurkowski, Longmeadow, MA; Sergeant David Irwin, Ludlow, MA; Corporal Daniel Steere, Manchester, VT; Sergeant David Smith, MIT; Sergeant Daniel Smith, Middletown, CT; Sergeant Ryan McGovern, Narragansett, RI; Sergeant Daniel Ostler, Nashua, NH; Sergeants Jason Hill, Timothy Hogan, and Carlos Taveira, New Bedford, MA; Sergeant Christopher Padden, Norwood, MA; Sergeant John Aquino, Orange, CT; Sergeant Dan Hondo, Portland, ME; Sergeants Carlos Sical and Charles Vieira, Providence, RI; Officer Lauren Gilrein and Sergeant John Manley, Sandwich, MA; Sergeant Patrick Smart, Seabrook, NH; Sergeants Sean Dowd and Thomas Hedrick, Seekonk, MA; Sergeant Dennis Ward, South Burlington, VT; Detective Anthony Moriglioni, Springfield, VT; Sergeant James Cifarelli, Wallingford, CT Sergeant Herbert Noble, Wareham, MA; Officer Stephen Blais and Sergeant Michael Clark, West Warwick, RI.