About the School

The Mission of the School of Justice Studies

The School of Justice Studies is dedicated to providing students with a top quality education that will prepare them to successfully meet the challenges facing modern justice system professionals. The faculty, students and advisors to the School of Justice Studies are committed to academic and professional excellence. Our goal is to develop one of the very best programs for justice system education in the United States.


  1. The members of the School of Justice Studies are committed to excellence in teaching in order to prepare our students for leadership positions in the U.S. justice system.
  2. The faculty and administration of our school are committed to professional excellence and advancing the state of knowledge in our disciplines. An essential manifestation of this commitment is the dissemination and publication of original research. This commitment will insure that our students will become involved in the social research process and will be exposed to the most current knowledge in the field.
  3. The members of the School of Justice Studies recognize that the disciplines represented in the School are applied sciences. Therefore, the School is responsive to the needs of the professional justice system community and has developed positive relationships with justice system agencies throughout the region. This will enable our students to gain a variety of professional experiences as an essential part of their education.