Success After Graduation

With a focus on practical, hands-on learning and strong connections with industry leaders, the School of Engineering, Computing and Construction Management (SECCM) prepares its graduates for successful careers.

RWU Equips You for a Great Career

graphic representing for SECCM grads over the last 3 years consistently seeing high employment and graduate school attendance rates through the years
Placement Last 3 Years

Our SECCM graduates consistently see high employment and graduate school attendance rates through the years. 

graphic representing $67,000 starting salary for 2020 SECCM graduates
Average Starting Salary

For SECCM 2020 Graduates employed within six months following graduation.

graphic representing 100 percent of SECCM 2020 grads whose first job is in engineering, construction, manufacturing, technology or the consulting industry.
First Job, Dream Job

Percentage of 2020 SECCM graduates whose first job is in engineering, construction, manufacturing, technology or the consulting industry.

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Alumni Stories of Success 

Across all our programs, alumni find success in graduate programs and their fields.

Samantha Denton"Half of the people in our office are RWU alumni. I really think it comes down to the program. It’s one of the best programs in the area."

SAMANTHA DENTON ’20, Assistant Project Manager at Pariseault Builders Inc., Providence, R.I.
Major: Construction Management
Minor: Business

'You Graduate Knowing A Lot More Than the Competition'

image of RWU alum Michael Patient, software engineer at SpaceX“The real reason I have my position at SpaceX is that I managed to get into a highly specialized area of Engineering that filled a specific need for them.”

MICHAEL PATIENT ’07, Software Engineer at SpaceX, Hawthorne, Calif.
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Music
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Olivia Ryan "One of the biggest factors in getting into my Ph.D program was the support of my professors. I’m really grateful for their help through the entire process."

OLIVIA RYAN ’20, Electrical Engineering Graduate Student at Brown University, Providence, R.I.
Major: Engineering

Real-World Experience Sets Up Success

image of RWU alum Sarah Agnalt, electrical engineer at General Dynamics

"While the classes are great, it was because of the Society of Women Engineers and other clubs I was a part of that really shaped me and my passion for engineering. It’s what has helped me see myself and my career as an engineer."

SARAH AGNALT ’18, Electrical Engineer at General Dynamics, Taunton, Mass.
Major: Engineering
Minors: Mathematics and Business
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image of RWU alum Jared Ramos, project engineer at Gilbane Building Co.“Being in a Living Learning Community with Engineering, Construction Management, and Architecture students was an experience I’ll never forget. We had similar interests but different ideas, a big influence for me.”

JARED RAMOS ’18, Project Engineer II at Gilbane Building Company, Boston, Mass.
Major: Engineering
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Madison Guitard"I participated in undergraduate research for the Math Department when I was a sophomore, so that set me up really well and helped me create relationships within the department which ultimately helped me come up with the Industrial Engineering specialization."

MADISON GUITARD ’20, Industrial Engineer, Packaging at lululemon, Columbus, Ohio 
Majors: Industrial Engineering and Applied Mathematics

Catalyzing Success

image of RWU alum Jessica Spivey, Shawmut Design & Construction Senior Site Superintendent“My time at RWU taught me how I learn, which is extremely important in recognizing one's own needs and how to get the most out of an experience.”

JESSICA SPIVEY '08, Senior Site Superintendent at Shawmut Design and Construction, Providence, R.I. 
Major: Construction Management
Minors: Business and Architecture
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image of RWU alum Madison Newton, project engineer at Gilbane Building Co.

"The Engineering Department strongly emphasizes internships and experience in your field of study, which is what got me to where I am."

MADISON NEWTON '17, Project Engineer at Gilbane Building Company, Boston, Mass.
Major: Engineering
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Headshot of John Babuka“It is so beneficial to have professors I can easily access. Since it’s a smaller school, I know all my classmates and really learn together with them. I learned how to learn as a group, learn with people, work through issues, and work together with them.”

JOHN BABUKA '20, Electrical Hardware Engineer at General Motors, Warren, Mich.
Major: Electrical Engineering 
Minor: Mathematics 

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State-of-the-Art Facilities

aerial image of the new SECCM Labs building with bridge behind itOpen in January 2020, SECCM Labs is a 27,000-square-foot, three-story, state-of-the-art laboratory building in the heart of our Bristol campus. It's designed to promote community, collaboration, innovation, and experiential education, with access to cutting-edge technology and group workspace. 

image of RWU's newly completed  SECCM Labs' Fluid Mechanics Lab Signature Spaces
  • Construction Management Methods & Materials Lab
  • Applied Engineering & Fabrication Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics Lab
  • Computer Science Software Experimentation Lab
  • Electrical Engineering Lab
  • Advanced Technology and Innovation Studio
  • BIM/Virtual Reality Lab
  • Mechanics of Materials Lab
  • Multi-purpose project rooms, meeting spaces and student commons

Our new and innovative facilities, tools, and extra-curricular clubs and teams help you develop the practical and networking skills you need to succeed.


As a student in one of our three majors, you can join a club or competition team to further your skills and knowledge, such as the Construction Management Club, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Engineers Without Borders, Society of Women Engineers, Women in Construction and more.

Experiential Learning: Turning Passion into Careers

engineers without borders
Engineering students construct a cook stove in the Dominican Republic.

All SECCM students apply the skills and knowledge they learn to the real world through experiential education. 

Check out exciting experiential projects:

  • Our students travel and compete against universities worldwide in competitions like the Federal Aviation Administration's design competition, the National Design-Build competition and regional, national, and international competitions held by the Associated Schools of Construction.  

Become a RISE Scholar

RWU offers a renewable $10,000 scholarship for talented scholars entering STEM fields. RISE Scholars receive mentoring and support in preparation for successful careers. 

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