Success After Graduation

With a focus on practical, hands-on learning and strong connections with industry leaders, the School of Engineering, Computing and Construction Management (SECCM) combines technical skills with a liberal arts program to prepare its graduates for successful careers by giving them a well-rounded experience that meets the needs of today’s industries.


Focused on Success 

graphic representing job placement: 97 percent of 2018 SECCM graduates that are employed or in graduate school within 6 months of graduation.
Percentage of 2018 SECCM graduates that are employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation.
graphic representing  93 percent of 2018 SECCM graduates whose first job is in engineering, construction, manufacturing, technology or consulting industries.
Percentage of 2018 SECCM graduates whose first job is in engineering, construction, manufacturing, technology or consulting industries.
graphic representing 10 STATES: SECCM 2018 graduates are working in 10 states across the country.
2018 SECCM graduates are working in ten states across the country.

RWU Equips You for a Great Career 

Across all our programs, alumni find success in graduate programs and their fields.

Gaining Early Field Experience in Civil Engineering

Madison Newton
Madison Newton '17, Project Engineer at Gilbane Building Company

As a project engineer for Gilbane Building Company, Madison Newton ’17 spends most of her days on construction sites and seeing projects come to life. Newton says it's because of RWU’s engineering department and its strong emphasis on internships and gaining experience as early as freshmen year, that has allowed her to succeed in the position she holds today.

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Put on the Right Track for Construction Career

Elsch Maisoh
Elsch Maisoh '13, Project Manager at Gilbane Building Company

Since graduating in 2013, Elsch Maisoh has been steadily climbing the ranks at Gilbane Building Company. The knowledge and skills he gained from RWU’s Construction Management program gave him the tools he needs for his current role as a project manager and head engineer on a $65 million project in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

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Electrical Engineering Extracurricular Involvement

Sarah Agnalt
Sarah Agnalt '18, Electrical Engineer at General Dynamics

Sarah Agnalt ’18 gained more than just technical skills through her undergraduate degree. It was through her extracurricular involvement in the Society of Women Engineers, the Honors program and faculty research projects where she was able to network with industry professionals, learn how to lead and collaborate with others and think about how her work not only influences her field, but a larger population as well.

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Connecting Students to the Construction Management Industry

For the last 20 years, RWU has built a partnership with Shawmut Design and Construction to get students connected with industry professionals. Shawmut is known from coast-to-coast, working on projects ranging from intercontinental hotels to flagship stores. Through this partnership, Shawmut has employed more than 50 RWU alumni and continually offers internships to current students today.


Turning Passion into Careers with Experiential Learning

engineers without borders
Two engineering students construct a cook stove in the Dominican Republic.

At the School of Engineering, Computing and Construction Management our students get hands-on experience in tackling complex yet practical issues. All of our students apply the skills and knowledge they’ve learned to the real world through restoring historic landmarks or competing in aviation competitions. Other experiences include inventing a cook stove to replace open-fire cooking in the Dominican Republic and participating in the National Design-Build Competition. 

Check out exciting experiential projects below:

  • In partnership with RWU's Community Partnerships Center, engineer students assessed sections of National Historic Landmark Fort Adams to provide a basis for future restoration plans.

     Restoring National Landmark Fort Adams

  • RWU's chapter of Engineers Without Borders traveled to the Dominican Republic to design and construct a solution to replace open-fire cooking.

     Engineers Without Borders in Dominican Republic

  • Through various clubs, our students travel and compete against universities across the country in competitions like the Federal Aviation Administration's design competition, the National Design-Build competition and both regional and national competitions held by the Associated Schools of Construction.  

     RWU Places Second in National Competition

State-of-the-Art Facilities and Resources

The School of Engineering, Computing and Construction Management also gives students access to state-of-the-art facilities, tools and extra-curricular clubs to continue growing their practical and networking skills. 

SECCM lab atrium
Rendering of the atrium entrance of SECCM labs.

  • The Shawmut Design and Construction Center focuses on collaborative education and practice, giving students a space to study, engage in clubs and competition teams, attend meetings with industry professionals or use an advanced teleconferencing system linking our students to the industry throughout the world.
  • Coming Spring 2020 is the future hub of hands-on learning — the SECCM Labs, filled with laboratories, project rooms and open spaces dedicated to hands-on, collaborative teaching and learning.
  • As a student in one of our three majors, there is a multitude of clubs or competition teams to join to further your skills and knowledge such as the Construction Management Club, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Engineers Without Borders, Society of Women Engineers, Women in Construction and more.