The Engineering program at Roger Williams University was founded on an educational philosophy that encourages exploration and discovery while focusing on the development of the whole person. Students study the art and science of engineering in an environment unconstrained by disciplinary restrictions. Coupled with a strong influence from the liberal arts, our program at Roger Williams University equips graduates with an educational experience designed to ensure success in a world marked by rapidly changing technology, growing complexity and globalization.

Students may pursue specializations in civil, computer, electrical, mechanical and customized specializations. The resulting curriculum is designed to achieve a balance between science and engineering, to provide an understanding of the economic and social implications of engineering activity and to develop creativity in approaches to problem-solving:

  • Civil Engineering - This specialization encompassesthe design, construction, and maintenance of buildings, roads, bridges, and more.
  • Computer Engineering - This specialization is suited for students interested in the intersection of computer science and electrical engineering to design and develop computer software.
  • Electrical Engineering -  In this specialization students study electricity and how it is used in electronic devices and technology, ranging from small computer chips to major power stations.
  • Mechanical Engineering - This specialization encompassesthe research, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems.
  • Custom Program - This specialization is well-suited for Engineering majors who desire as broad an educational experience as possible.

Located in the heart of campus, the Engineering program is housed in the School of Engineering, Computing and Construction Management (SECCM). The SECCM also houses the Computer Science and Construction Management programs. The SECCM has classroom and laboratory facilities which are dedicated to undergraduate education.

In addition to on-campus facilities, the Hawkworks Fabrication Facility, a 5,600 square foot facility located in downtown Bristol, provides fabrication space for Engineering capstone design projects as well as a large “lay-down” space for the Construction Management program’s Methods and Materials laboratory.

Graduates of our program are hired by top companies, including:

  • Arcadis
  • BAE Systems
  • Electric Boat
  • FM Global
  • Greenman-Pederson, Inc.
  • Intel Corporation
  • General Dynamics
  • General Electric
  • Massachusetts Highway Department
  • Naval Underseas Warfare Center
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Pratt & Whitney
  • Proto-Power Corporation
  • Sikorsky Aircraft, Co.
  • State of Connecticut DOT
  • Raytheon IDS
  • Rosenwasser/Grossman Consulting Engineers
  • Vanasse Hangen Brustlin

Graduates of the Engineering Program have gone on to further their education at the following institutions:

  • Boston University
  • Columbia University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Northeastern University
  • North Carolina State University
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Stanford University
  • Texas A&M
  • Tufts University
  • University of Buffalo, School of Dental Medicine
  • University of Connecticut
  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Florida
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Surrey