Michael Orlando

Michael OrlandoWhat is your major/minor?

Major: Construction Management
Minor:  Business
Working towards a Masters in Architecture

What relevant experiences or internships have you had?

I ran and managed my own landscaping business for three years, which I started when I was 16 years old and recently sold it in order to attend RWU. Managing my own company taught me many things, but it truly taught me the meaning of hard-work, determination and drive which has helped me towards accomplishing my goals.

I also recently worked for Bergen Engineering, a construction company in East Rutherford, NJ. I worked as an assistant to the job superintendent on a renovation project, converting an existing building located in Jersey City, NJ, into a 250 room hotel.

What major projects have you been apart of?

During spring break 2015, I volunteered in Pocahontas, West Virginia for Habitat for Humanity.

Have you been a part of any competitions?

I was on the Heavy Highway Construction Team in November 2014 which competed in the ASC Northeast Region Associated Schools of Construction Competition. We competed against several other universities and came in third place. I’m very proud of our construction team and that I was given the opportunity to participate in this competition as a freshman.

What are your post-grad goals?

After graduation, I would like to get a position in a construction firm as a project manager.  I’m also interested in working for a design/build company with the possibility of starting my own design/build firm some day.

How has the construction management program at RWU helped you?

The construction management program at RWU is helping me towards my future goals. The professors teach from real life experiences and are exceedingly helpful with the many resources they have to offer.  I’ve enjoyed the guest speakers in the program and I have learned many things which I have already been able to put to practical use in the field.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I always wanted to do something in the field of construction where I could build things. I’ve always been fascinated with coming up with ideas and transforming them into something tangible. From a young age I’ve always kept busy creating and building whether it was with complicated Lego sets or building models from ideas I had. I’ve always felt a true sense of accomplishment when I finish a project. In the field of Construction Management, transforming drawings and ideas into a built environment for people to live in and use is something that I find very rewarding.