Graduate Student Work

The work showcased are a representative sampling of the diverse projects and approaches our programs take. The work students produce is highly professional and encompasses the skills and knowledge base students need to succeed in the professional world. The student learning trajectory begins with introductory courses where students learn basic designs and concepts and progress in sophistication in later years:

Thesis Design Studio:

work by a graduate student
A rendering by Lauren Perry.

The pinnacle of the architecture program at Roger Williams, the Thesis project, is an opportunity for each student to a put forward a proposition, to ask a question, and provide an answer through the development of an architectural project. 


Integrative Design Studios

Work by Bradley Shapiro
Work by Bradley Shapiro.

 Integrative Design Studio merges several layers in the elaborated design of a building. The students develop a conceptual design framework that fully integrates and coordinates the many systems that comprise architecture from the cultural/context to the more technical ones.


Graduate Design Studio

A design by Michael Celauro
A design by Michael Celauro.

The Graduate Design Studios are an opportunity for the student to choose among a wide range of topics, places, scales and work methodologies. The design process does not follow a linear path; the way in which site, context, program, tools are used and understood could take very different directions depending on the people leading the way.