Portfolio of Services

Customized Professional Development Opportunities
The Institute designs individualized leadership education experiences for all types of organizations (for-profit, not-for-profit and governmental). The curriculum is devised and delivered based on the client’s need. For example, one educational program focused on the development of leadership tools to change organizations, teamwork techniques to improve work processes and the aspects of transformational leadership that serve to inspire organization members. All instruction includes applied and interactive components.

Rather than using a set group of faculty, the instructors are selected based on the expertise needed by the client. In addition, the instruction is available in a classroom setting at the University or at the client’s work site, on line or a combination of these options. All instructors are highly qualified, talented and experienced in delivering education to professionals. Thus far The Institute has designed educational experiences for a professional association, municipal workers and a specialized group within a corporate setting.

Professional Development Seminars

In addition to customized courses, the Leadership Institute offers seminars on specific topics.  Available courses include:

  • Managers as Leaders
  • Enhancing Human Capital Through Diversity Recruiting
  • Managers as Mentors
  • Dealing with Difficult People:  De-escalating Volatile Situations
  • Effective Communication
  • Employee Performance Appraisal, Corrective Action and Progressive Discipline
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Grant Writing

The Institute invites organizations who are interested in professional development to contact:

Dr. Barbara Grota, Director
(401) 254-3092