Technology and Resources

Through state-of-the-art technology and other resources, the Gabelli School provides innovative experiential learning opportunities for all of our students. These hands-on learning experiences and the cutting-edge facilities and real-time financial, analytics and other technology at the Gabelli School, make it unique among business schools that seek to combine practical experience with theory. Here our students learn the fine art and science of business from our dedicated faculty and staff while making new and lifelong friends. To our students, this is their home away from home.

Robert F. Stoico/FirstFed Financial Services Center

Students work with trading data in Stoico Lab.

The Stoico Center is the perfect example of experiential learning. The state-of-the-art facility allows students to utilize the latest financial and analytical software used in industry. Students gain experience in disciplines such as accounting and marketing analytics, data science and investing, while working with real-time data and sophisticated technologies.

Center for Advanced Financial Education (CAFE)

Professor and students work in CAFE room.

The Center not only looks like an analyst pod or trading floor you'd find in industry today – students in our CAFE program also manage two real-dollar portfolios in real time using an actual trading account: the CAFE Growth Fund and the Gabelli Value Fund. Equipped with cutting-edge Bloomberg and resources, real-time, large-screen stock ticker, desktop workstations and tablets, the Center for Advanced Financial Education provides hands-on training in securities analysis and portfolio management while utilizing the latest financial platforms used in industry today.

Bloomberg Technology Lab

GSB Dean observes students working on Bloomberg Lab technology.

Our Bloomberg Technology Lab represents another example of RWU’s commitment to using the latest technology in business education. The lab provides expanded access to terminals for analysis and Bloomberg certification training, which is the gold standard for jobs on Wall Street.

Community Partnerships Center

Walley School in Bristol
Just one example of project-based work through the CPC, Gabelli School students developed a business feasibility study for re-use of the former Walley School for the Town of Bristol.

The RWU Community Partnerships Center (CPC) provides project-based assistance to nonprofit organizations, municipalities, government agencies and low- and moderate-income communities in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. The Center offers meaningful, real-world educational experiences which address real community needs through coursework, team projects, graduate assistantships, work study positions, internships, and volunteer experiences. Through these projects, students integrate their growth as scholars while deepening their skills as future practitioners.  

Student Lounge

Students study in the Business School student lounge

A centrally located and recently renovated student lounge serves as a meeting place or a quiet venue within which to recharge, both yourself and all of your electronic devices. Situated on the first floor of the Gabelli School, the lounge is a hub of networking and community where students meet and make new friends. It is a welcoming and comfortable space within which students are encouraged to stretch their horizons and imaginations.