Our Students

The Gabelli School student experience is packed with hands-on projects, real-world opportunities, and unique program offerings. From regional to national competitions, internship experiences, and on-campus resources including the Stoico Center and Bloomberg Lab, our students are immersed in a variety of learning experiences.

Headshot of Jean

Ticking All the Boxes & More 
Rosalvens Saint Jean, Class of 2018

For Rosalvens Saint Jean, RWU ticked every box on what he was looking for in a university. Find out why.


Headshot of Will Delventhal

Technical Entrepreneur
Willhem Delventhal, Class of 2015

In selecting a university that would help him get to Silicon Valley, Delventhal chose RWU.


Headshot of Carla Puchini

Bringing Industry on Campus 
Carla Puchini, Class of 2017

Gaining industry experience while still in college is the perfect way to jump-start your career. Just ask Carla Puchini.


Looking to Make Her Mark Headshot of Judith S.
Judith Suffrard, RWU Class of 2021
International Business

Judith Suffrard knew RWU was where she wanted to be, but she was worried the university was financially out of reach. Then she learned about the Intercultural Leadership Ambassador Program & Scholarship and that all changed.


Headshot of Kevin Cameron

Prepared for a Career 
Kevin Cameron, Class of 2016 

When our students graduate, they’re ready to tackle the world and build a successful career. Kevin Cameron talks about how his hands-on experience while at RWU prepared him to land a job.

Headshot of Fran MontemaranoMaster of Business 
Francesca Montemarano, Class of 2018
Business Administration (MBA 4+1)

Francesca Montemarano is currently enrolled in RWU's accelerated 4+1 Master of Business Administration program. The career options an M.B.A. provides and the convenience of obtaining it in a single year were the deciding factors for enrolling program.