Responsibilities and Objectives

The CAFE will:

Prepare students for a successful career in the Financial Services Industry
To better prepare the students at the Mario J. Gabelli School of Business, the Center for Advanced Financial Education (CAFE) is to direct and cultivate a curriculum geared towards today’s current financial trends and analysis techniques.

Bridge the gap between academia and industry
To help bridge the gap between academia and industry, the CAFE develops ways for interaction that will help bolster students’ interest in various fields within the Financial Services Industry.

Provide support and information to the Financial Services Industry
As a research center, the CAFE aids in facilitating the flow of information to best answer questions from various news groups and area companies, alike. With the use of financial modeling, the Center primarily focuses on addressing those questions pertaining to investment decisions, current market trends and portfolio management.

Advance Financial Literacy
With its centralized location, the Center provides a means for obtaining a fundamental literacy by providing a library of literature ranging from personal finance to estate planning. Students are encouraged to participate in those projects promoting financial literacy outside the normal classroom setting.

The Center for Advanced Financial Education will strive to accomplish the following:

  • Introduce real-world applications to academic programs.
  • Provide hands-on training in securities analysis and portfolio management while utilizing computerized methodology by supervising students to manage the Student Investment Management Fund (SIMF).
  • Develop skills fundamental to the investment industry.
  • Increase exposure to career opportunities within the investments industry through field trips to major financial markets throughout the United States and abroad.
  • Provide a more meaningful and valuable learning experience for Roger Williams University’s students.
  • Prepare students for a successful career in the Financial Services Industry.
  • Facilitate interaction between the Financial Services Industry and the Gabelli School of Business.
  • Provide financial literacy opportunities for local students and community through the offering of Financial Seminars focusing on a broad range of topics.
  • Increase recruitment and retention of students within the Gabelli School of Business.
  • Provide funding for faculty research and development.
  • Provide funding for expansion of the curriculum in the area of Financial Services.