Centers and Institutes

The Mario J. Gabelli School of Business at RWU is home to the Center for Advanced Financial Education (CAFE) and the Leadership Institute. Our Centers and Institutes are designed to help our students get the most out of their education while also adding value to the local community and beyond.

Center for Advanced Financial Education (CAFE)

Students analyze stock trading data in Center for Advanced Financial Education.The Center for Advanced Financial Education provides students training and experience managing two real-dollar portfolios – the CAFE Growth Fund and the Gabelli Value Fund. Additionally, the student fund managers are eligible to attend learning trips to major financial markets throughout the United States and abroad.

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The Leadership Institute

Exterior shot of school of business.The Leadership Institute builds the skills and knowledge professionals need to lead high-performing organizations both locally and globally. Participants have the opportunity to take advantage of the expertise, resources, and support necessary to explore and strengthen leadership skills through the services the institute provides.

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