Alumni Success Stories

Jill Resh - BS Applied Mathematics / Graphic Design Communication, 2016

Jill ReshI am a second year PhD student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. I am an instructor for Calculus 1 and Calculus 3 labs. I completed my undergraduate studies at Roger Williams University, in Bristol, RI, USA, where I majored in Applied Mathematics and Graphic Design Communication. My research at RWU was in numerical analysis of integral equations. I also completed research on Representation Theory (a type of Graph Theory) in an REU at UConn. I have co-authored one published paper on each of these two topics.

Hy Dinh - BS Mathematics / BS Mechanical Engineering, 2015

Hy DinhI am a third year student at Tufts University. I am studying the mass transport of supercritical carbon dioxode drying of aerogel. Aerogels are mesoporous materials that have unique properties for applications such as thermal insulation and plastic replacement. However, one of the primary obstacles in integrating and commercializing aerogel is the expensive product cost, specifically the drying process. My research focuses on modeling the drying kinetics analytically and measuring empirical data of the drying fluid properties to minimize cost and optimize energy consumption. I hope that this research will further contribute to the understanding and advancement of aerogel manufacturing and supercritical drying.

Jane Pleskunas - BS Mathematics, 2012

Jane PleskunasI graduated from Boston University School of Public Health in May 2015 with a concentration in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Throughout my graduate school tenure, I had the opportunity to develop my research skills further across a wide variety of topics including examining chronic traumatic encephalopathy exposures in NFL players, exploring a link between latent tuberculosis infection and body mass index values in the United States, as well as publishing a collaborative manuscript in the American Journal of Public Health examining firearm homicide rates in the United States. In addition to academics, I had the opportunity to work at Novartis Vaccines in the department of Global Medical Affairs helping to manage the third party communications to ensure the medical and epidemiologic accuracy. Upon graduating, I changed roles and am now employed by Boston Medical Center, in the department of Infectious Diseases as a Research Study Coordinator. I work primarily on an observational study in Pondicherry, India, examining biomarkers for risk of treatment failure among tuberculosis patients as well as biomarkers for risk of development of tuberculosis, if one is latently infected.

Karishma Silva - Transfer, May 2011

Karishma SilvaSince graduating from the Master's in Science in Economics program at the London School of Economics, I moved to Malawi to work as an Overseas Development Institute Fellow at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. I now work in education policy as a consultant for the World Bank. One of the key projects I'm working on is the Malawi Education Sector Improvement Project, which is a $44.9 million project funded by the Global Partnership for Education. My work mainly focuses on implementation, policy development and impact evaluation.

Elizabeth Morgan (Silva) - BS Mathematics, 2009

Elizabeth MorganMy current job title is a Research Scientist II within the NYS Department of Health. I’m working in a Bureau handling the development and oversight of the NYS All Payer Database. This database will contain health care claims data from insurance carriers, health plans, third-party administrators, pharmacy benefit managers, Medicaid and Medicare in order to support research, management, evaluation, and analysis of the NYS health care system (especially in the monitoring of systemic efforts to reduce health care costs, and improve care quality and population health). Because this is a new and developing bureau my role is ever changing. The main focus of my position currently is to perform research, evaluation and analysis of these raw datasets as I work with our team on building a data model synthesizing these data streams to be utilized by other DOH researchers. It also includes responsibility for developing useful reports to consistently provide feedback on the volume, content, and quality of claims data being received from insurers. As this model becomes more defined my role will shift towards researching, developing and testing health care quality measures and provider assessment guidelines for APD dashboard designs which will be maintained by a contractor.