Department Learning Goals

Chemistry has been called the central science because many of the advances in other areas of science often have their roots in chemistry and chemistry increasingly overlaps with other areas of science.  A molecular perspective of our world, which lies at the heart of chemistry, is fostered and promoted to our majors and non-majors alike.  Through the knowledge and skills gained from course work, laboratory work and research, this perspective can be applied within and outside of the chemistry field.

Through our teaching and our student’s learning we expect that our students have a firm grasp of the molecular view of our world as it relates to chemical and scientific principles.  They will also be able to

  • Design and carry out experiments using both classical and modern instrumental techniques, as appropriate.
  • Record laboratory activities and communicate the results of their work, to scientists and non-scientists alike using multiple delivery platforms.
  • Think critically and use analytical reasoning to solve problems.
  • Contextualize
  • Search the scientific literature and databases to provide perspective and content on current chemical problems.
  • Work safely in a laboratory setting using proper personal protection equipment, and following safe handling regulations for chemical and biological compounds.
  • Pursue a career of their choice, in industry, government or education, or continue their formal training at graduate or professional schools (law, medicine, etc).