QuahogQuahog Restoration: Quahog restoration falls under a series of projects collectively known as Public Benefit Aquaculture, where clam seed are planted into the bay for subsequent harvest by commercial and recreational fishermen.

In collaboration with Rhode Island commercial shellfishermen, millions of clam seed provided by RWU (produced here or purchased) have been reared in upwellers and released into the bay with the intention of enhancing the shellfish resource.

QuahogsLocal commercial fishermen care for the young clams each summer until they’re ready to be planted into the bay. Incorporating rare natural markings into the offspring allows us to identify the clams again when harvested several years later.

The 800,000 clam seeds shown here were distributed near Greenwich Bay and then opened to commercial fishing three years later. Over 30% of the clams harvested originated with this planting. In this way, we know we’re having an impact.