Since algae is the food for all stages of shellfish development, the most important part of a shellfish hatchery is its algal culture. In fact, algal production for a shellfish hatchery is the largest proportion of the total operational expense, and can account for about 30-50% of a shellfish hatchery’s costs. In the CEED hatchery, we maintain a variety of many different flagellate and diatom unicellular marine microalgal strains that are used as a food source for the adult and larval shellfish, including:

  • Chaetoceros muelleri
  • C. neogracile
  • Thalassiosira weisfloggii
  • Isochrysis galbana
  • Isochrysis spp. (C-ISO and T-ISO)
  • Pavlova pinguis
  • P. lutheri
  • Tetraselmis spp. (PLAT P, PLY 429, MC2)