Shellfish Hatchery

CEED operates the only shellfish hatchery in Rhode Island and produces shellfish seed for a variety of projects, including restoration and academic research. Established in 2004, this facility was first located in the wet lab, but quickly outgrew the available space. In 2010, a 4000 ft2 expansion of the MNS Building established the Luther H. Blount Shellfish Hatchery - a larger, better-designed facility with the capacity to provide aquaculture training for our students and the general public. The hatchery is primarily a research facility that produces shellfish for projects in Rhode Island and also for wider collaborations throughout the Northeast.  RWU undergraduate students are incorporated in all phases of hatchery activities.
Hatchery Manager: Rob Hudson
Student Assistants: Each year between 15-20 students help operate hatchery and conduct specific shellfish research projects.