CEED - FacilitiesInfrastructure: CEED maintains and operates the Wet Lab, the Luther H. Blount Shellfish Hatchery, and the Aquatic Diagnostic Laboratory in the MNS Building. In total, this represents about 7000 ft2 of laboratory space. In addition, we maintain the marine field sampling equipment, one pickup truck and three RWU research vessels. We hold all of the scientific collecting and research permits needed by the marine biology program, and have a growing number of experimental field sites around Narragansett Bay, the coastal ponds and on Block Island.

Completed in 2010, the new addition to the MNS Building greatly expanded the research and production space available. It was also designed to accommodate the large number of visitors and tours that come to see these facilities. An observation foyer allows groups to gather, while a hallway gives hatchery views without the public interference that is inherent in the existing wet lab.  We are not a public aquarium, but we understand the attraction of the wet lab and the important role that it can play for visitors.