Alexander Castro

Alex Castro
Alexander CastroExhibitions Director

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Arts journalism and criticism, writing and editing, popular visual cultures and aesthetics


BA 2014 RWU - Journalism

Alexander Castro is a writer, curator, and the University’s Exhibitions Director. The first person to fill this role, he manages and installs shows at ROGER THAT, the University’s gallery and studio space in downtown Bristol.  

Castro’s curatorial experience is inseparable from his near-decade spent covering arts and culture in New England. He’s written hundreds of articles on artworks, art exhibits and artists, from features, cover stories, and reviews to interviews with notables like Elvira and Art Spiegelman. Castro’s journalistic and creative writing have both won numerous awards. His articles continue to appear in the national magazine GLASS Quarterly and on 13th STATE, a blog and writing outlet he founded as an alternative to legacy media coverage of New England’s art scenes. 

Castro’s distinctive writing style is marked by playful language, psychological musing, laboriously crafted structure, and the occasional tumble into ecstasy (or terror). Sincerity and irony, humor and seriousness, get tangled frequently in his work. As both a writer and curator, Castro delights in mixing cultural registers. The alienated, the outcast and the peripheral are prized while the status quo is questioned, repurposed or discarded.