Events and Awards

Congratulations to the 2018 Writing Contest Winners

100-Level Contest


Cameron Gregg

1st Place

"The Log Book: A Literacy Narrative"


Joseph Collamore

2nd Place

"Text Analysis"


Sydney Duquette

3rd Place

"Three Angels, One DC"

Advanced Contest


Ava Binns

1st Place

"The Personal is the Political: Appreciating Compassionate Rhetoric"


Adrienne Wooster

1st Place

"Life Worth Living: Capability Development and Dignity for the Dually Diagnosed"


Rebecca Farias

2nd Place

"Retracing Roger Plimoth Plantation Overnight Grant"


Ariana Smaldone

2nd Place

"Grant Proposal for Sailing Scholarships"

Multimodal Contest


Megan Daniel

1st Place

"It's Not Pie"


Janette Truchon

2nd Place

"A Nostalgic Autumn"


Jennifer Reale

3rd Place

"Shine a Light on Mental Health: Proposal of a Public Awareness Campaign"


Now accepting submissions for the 2019 Writing Contest 

The Department of Writing Studies, Rhetoric, and Composition sponsors an annual writing contest:

The 100 Level Writing Contest is open to all students enrolled in WTNG 100 and WTNG 102

The Advanced Level Contest is open to students enrolled in any WTNG course at the 200 level or above

The Multimodal Contest is open to students enrolled in any WTNG course