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Writing Contest

2017 Contest Winners
2017 Contest Winners


The Department of Writing Studies, Rhetoric, and Composition sponsors an annual writing contest:

The 100 Level Writing Contest is open to all students enrolled in WTNG 100 and WTNG 102

The Advanced Level Contest is open to students enrolled in any WTNG course at the 200 level or above

The Multimodal Contest is open to students enrolled in any WTNG course

Congratulations to the 2017 Contest Winners

100-Level Contest

Collin Barker for “My Journey with Dyslexia..." (1st Place)
Meghan Knizak for “The Red Flags We May Never Notice” (2nd Place)
Julissa Arce for “The Beauty of the Flag, Justice, and Freedom of Speech” (3rd Place)

Advanced Contest

Meghan Smith for “Children and Lunch-Shaming: America's Neglected Stain” (1st Place)
Tess Alexandre for “A Disturbing Truth: The Reigning Inequality in the Wide Word of Sports” (2nd Place)
Haley Andersson for “Forty years of Feminism: The Movie Remake, Intertextuality, and Sabrina” (3rd Place)

Multimodal Contest

Rebecca Farias for “The Essex Library: A Case for the Third Space” (1st Place)

Now accepting submissions for the 2018 Writing Contest 

The Celebration of Writing

Celebration of Writing, May 2016

The Department of Writing Studies, Rhetoric and Composition hosts The Celebration of Writing at the end of each semester. The Celebration is an exciting venue for students to showcase their work for a public audience. Students currently enrolled in any WTNG course, regardless of level, are eligible to participate. All genres (posters, papers, presentations, multi-modal projects, etc.) are welcome. While the event runs from 9-1, students and faculty can join in for as much or as little of the day as they would like.