Nicholas Dillon

Nick Dillon Student PhotoNick is currently a graduate student in RWU’s 4+1 Criminal Justice program. As an undergraduate, he majored in Criminal Justice and minored in Professional and Public Writing. Nick served as President of the John Jay Society and worked as a Resident Assistant. In his academic work, he utilized the minor to gain an edge in his major, improving his writing abilities to pursue a career in criminal justice policy research. Projects in the minor courses, such as his research on Law Enforcement Body Cameras for Advancing Public Argument, allowed him to personalize the minor to support his academic goals. In Criminal Justice, his developing writing abilities helped him to complete a Risk Vulnerability Assessment of Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism Measures in Windsor, CT. Nick credits the minor for giving him the confidence to pursue graduate school and a future research career.

“You can really make this minor your own by picking your electives and making it work for you… Being able to make your own path is really nice.”

“I was able to take my knowledge of the justice system from my major and apply it to my writing class [in Advancing Public Argument]. I go back to that project and cite it more frequently than any other project I’ve done.” 

“I’ve used my minor to benefit me as a criminal justice student and support my major, and I’ve used my major to benefit my work in the minor.”

“I’m definitely a stronger writer now, and I do think of myself as a writer. When I start my career, I’ll be able to look back on the minor as something that’s really helped me.”

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