Cara James

Cara James Student PhotoCara graduated in the class of 2017 with a degree in Biology and minor in Professional and Public Writing. As an undergraduate, she participated in Dance Club and worked as an Orientation Advisor, Student Orientation Coordinator, Publications Coordinator for the Community Partnership Center, and Building Manager of the Rec Center. The Writing Minor provided Cara the opportunity to work on projects for the Maher Center and interview Haitian Refugees. Currently, Cara works as a Deckhand at the World Ocean School teaching underserved kids from the Boston Public Schools. She hopes to travel and becomes a science writer.

“I definitely think of myself as a writer and I now like to think I am more gifted in Writing than I am in science. I have taken away a lot from my major, but I have gained more personal benefit from my Writing minor.”

“In Advancing Public Argument, I completed a project on plastic pollutants in Rhode Island. It was interesting to be able to analyze data and use my scientific knowledge to see how plastic pollutants are affecting the state.”

“In Biology courses, we write lab reports all the time so it’s good to know how to structure your writing and use proper grammar.”

"Writing and rhetoric can be applied to so many different fields and facets of life. There are so many different methods of writing and it can be applied to anything you want."

“Because we do so many memorable projects in the minor, I can pinpoint projects and create a portfolio that I am proud to showcase.”

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