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The Minor in Professional and Public Writing

The award-winning program in Professional and Public Writing offers a hands-on approach to engaging real-world problems through your writing. Our students tell us that the PPW minor strengthens their writing through innovative project-based learning in a diverse range of courses. PPW students use their extensive knowledge of writing to succeed as students, professionals, and civic leaders. Minoring in PPW provides you with tools to enhance your resumes and prepare for achievement inside and outside of the classroom. The minor helps you—no matter your initial writing ability—to write skillfully and with confidence. Check out the alumni profiles below to learn how the PPW minor can open pathways to success in major courses, internships, and professional work. 

Amie Evans Student PhotoAmie Evans - Class of 2017

Criminal Justice Major, Second Minor in Psychology

"I wasn't confident in myself as a writer, but don't let that scare you because the minor is so much more than just writing skills. You gain knowledge in the minor that will let you succeed."


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Cara%20James%20Profile%20Photo.pngCara James - Class of 2017

Biology Major

“Because we do so many memorable projects in the minor, I can pinpoint projects and create a portfolio that I am proud to showcase.”

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Danielle Combs Student photoDanielle Combs - Class of 2017

Legal Studies and Political Science Double Major

"I consider this minor to be my toolbox. By having these tools at my disposal, I can utilize them in whatever way I want... I can pick and choose how I want to proceed with any writing in the future."

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Nick Dillon Student PhotoNicholas Dillon - Class of 2017

Criminal Justice Major

“I’m definitely a stronger writer now, and I do think of myself as a writer. When I start my career, I’ll be able to look back on the minor as something that’s really helped me.”


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