Visual Arts Student Work

Our students create work that is original, fresh, and, of course, creative. The work showcased is a representative sampling of the diverse projects and approaches to art-making that our program takes. Whether it's in video, photography, printmaking or any other media, the work students produce is an exploration of their own individual aims and interests.

Film, Animation and Video

A image of a woman biting her finger
Video still by Piper Gianforte.

Students in Film, Animation and Video explore a wide range of possibilities with this time-based medium. Courses in this concentration challenge students to think about content and narrative while introducing them to the tools of animation and video production.

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Painting, Drawing and Printmaking

A painting by a VARTS student
Self Portrait Palette-Knife painting by Reid Ennis.

Beginning with drawing, VARTS students learn to translate their experience of the world around them into mark, line and tone. Painting, both water-based and oil, provides an exploration of color principles and behaviors. Printmaking offers a bridge between drawing and painting in graphic form.  In all media, contemporary practices as well as art-historical precedents are emphasized.

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Photography and Digital Media

A photo by a VARTS Student
Photography by Nicole Stevens.

The idea that light forms an image is central to the discipline of photography, beginning with film-based camera and darkroom work. Traditional and digital photography are the means to focus on content, process, conceptualization, and innovation in photographic image making.

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Sculpture and Ceramics

Sculputure by Emily Adler
A group of ceramic pieces done by a number of Visual Arts students.

Students develop an understanding of materials and form in the Foundations Sculpture course as well as ceramics studios. The students conceptual intentions and how they take place in form are expanded and challenged in all 3-dimensional media. The relationship of site to space and inquiry into the nature of contemporary sculptural issues are important explorations for the sculptor and student.

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