Project-Based Learning

As a community, students not only work individually on their creative efforts but on a variety of project-based efforts that emphasize real-world results.

Literary Magazine

The RWU literary magazine, Mount Hope, is produced by our Literary Publishing course. The magazine publishes the work of prominent and emerging writers from across the United States. Overseen by a faculty editor, the magazine is produced by the students themselves. The Literary Publishing course can be taken repeatedly; students who return rise in the ranks with the most senior of these taking the title of Managing Editor. Students read submissions, select which will be in the magazine, work with authors on editing and proofing, lay out the magazine and follow the production process. Mount Hope publishes Fall and Spring issues.

In addition to the departmental initiative, students in the program also produce their own literary journal, which publishes student work and is edited, designed and produced by the students, an activity funded by the office of the RWU president.

Advocacy Seminar

The Advocacy Seminar is a group of undergraduates at Roger Williams University who work in conjunction with the Scholars at Risk Network, an international human rights organization based out of New York University, to promote academic freedom at the global level. Students work as the case-responsible entity for imprisoned international scholars, with the overall objective of working to free the scholars. The students engage in hands-on advocacy, including contacts with legislators, media outreach, letter writing, presentations, and working directly with other groups also invested in the case.

Since 2005, RWU students have worked on eight cases for both PEN American Center and Scholars at Risk: Dolma Kyab from Tibet, Kareem Amer from Egypt, Normando Hernandez Gonzalez from Cuba, Tran Khai Thanh Thuy from Vietnam, Ayse Berktay from Turkey, Ilham Tohti from China, Abraha Desta from Ethiopia, and Mohammad Hossein Rafiee Fanood from Iran. Five of these imprisoned scholars were released while RWU students were working on their cases, due in part to the seminar's efforts.

Check out their Facebook page for more information on their current case.