Creative Writing Portfolio Requirements

A portfolio is, in essence, a representation of the current state of one’s efforts as a writer. Therefore, we require a portfolio both for entry into the program and as a requirement for successful completion of the Creative Writing Major.   

The Admissions Portfolio is required of all applicants to the Creative Writing Major. Applicants must provide the following:

  1. A short story and/or three poems you have written, and that you feel represents your talent and commitment to writing;
  2. A 600-to-900-word statement that discusses how one book has influenced you as writer.

With the admissions portfolio, we want to see where your work so far has brought you. Are you reading widely, and of work that is considered among the best literary work of recent times?  How polished is your writing up to this point, and how are you challenging yourself to do your best work? Are you able to demonstrate your work is part of a literary tradition?

In your senior year, as part of the Creative Writing Senior Seminar courses, you again assemble a portfolio, representing your best work to date as you’ve completed the program. Seniors also give a public reading of selected work in an event with faculty, classmates, family and friends present to celebrate the achievement.