Creative Writing

The foundation of the creative writing major is a series of collaborative, repeatable “Studios” taken alongside the “Reading as a Writer" curriculum, and experiential learning opportunities such as internships and community engagement projects. Creative writing majors can also enrich their learning with a variety of co-curricular opportunities.

Studio Courses are collaborative “hands-on” writing courses in which you will practice your own craft in either, Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction or  Screenwriting. Since you may repeat any given studio genre up to three times, you may immerse yourself in a genre of your choice.  Alternatively, you may sample different types of studios.  Studio topics might include Young Adult Fiction, Television Series Writing, The Memoir, The Poetry Chapbook or Resistance Poetry, among others.  In Studios, you will share your work, support your peers and explore your craft.  You will get support and feedback from your peers and professors.

Reading as Writers Courses allow you to figure out the secrets behind the success of literature they love. These courses are taught either by the creative writing faculty or the English literature faculty.  You may take any courses offered in the English literature department, as well as upper level creative writing literature courses taught from the perspective of the writer. 

The Experiential Learning Requirement is fulfilled by taking a course in Literary Publishing, an Advocacy Seminar, or a department-approved internship outside RWU. Literary Publishing students staff the department-produced literary magazine, Mount Hope. Advocacy Seminar is associated with the international NGO, Scholars at Risk, advocating for scholars who have been persecuted in foreign countries because of their writings, research or expression of ideas. Both are repeatable and allow you to take on leadership positions as you progress. 

Co-curricular opportunities are exciting opportunities for creative writer majors and minors at RWU. They include the RWU Library’s Bermont Fellowships, Visiting Writer Lecture series, and department social event planning internships. The Bermont Fellowship is an alumni-funded experience in which a prominent author comes to campus to work with a select group of students on their writing. The department, in conjunction with the Library and other campus organizations, also regularly brings in prominent authors to read from their work and visit with classes. You may also work in the department or on the magazine as a FIT intern, which is a paid, three-year position offered to top-performing students at the end of freshman year. Our creative writers often perform in RWU’s hugely popular Poetry Slam, as well as small and large student groups designed for and by students interested in working on their writing together.