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Jamie Nadeau

Congratulations Madison Nadeau on your graduation from RWU! You continue to amaze me and I couldn't be any prouder as a Mom. You have achieved so much in 4 years and have set your self up for a successful career.  You are going to do great things and I can't wait to see what the future hold for you!

Jeff and Lori Anderson

Congratulations Taylor!  We are so unbelievably proud of you.  You worked so hard and we can't wait to see what the future holds for you.  We love you so much!  Love, Mom, Dad and Sarah

Gus Moore

Congrats to all the seniors that graduated. I apologize to those that had big plans to celebrate but were negatively impacted by this pandemic. I want to give a special shoutout to Sorangel from the class of 2020 and just let you know how proud I am to call you a friend. Congratulations again, all love❤️❤️❤️

Jenn McDonald and Vu Tran
Sister of Shelby Ross

Congrats Shel! We are so proud of what you’ve accomplished! Way to go!

Allison Chase Padula

Congratulations and best wishes to the extraordinary Class of 2020!  It has been a pleasure getting to know you and working with you over the course of your time at RWU.  While this was not the last semester you were planning on, the current health crisis cannot diminish the accomplishments of the class of 2020.  In fact, it only made you shine more as you rose to the occasion by working hard, refusing to give up, and caring for one another.  We know you have great things ahead of you.  Stay in touch as we can't wait to see what you do next!  Stay safe and well Hawks!
Best, Allison Chase Padula, Associate Dean of Student Success

Eric Mcinnis

SHELBY ROSS CONGRATULATIONS! Aunt Mary and I know you are ready and motivated to make a positive impact on the World!! ~Love, Uncle Mac/Aunt Mary

Patti and Bob Ross
Proud Parents

"Congratulations Shelby Ross! We are so incredibly proud of you! You have given yourself heart and soul to your studies, your friends and your family. You have made lasting memories and even longer lasting friendships! We can’t wait to see what you do in Law School! We love you more than anything in this world!
Xoxo Mumma and Daddio "

Beth Rogers

I am so very proud of you! My best friend!

William & Donna Fields

Congratulations Julia on your graduation!  Your transformation over 4 years at RWU has been amazing.  We are so impressed by how well you juggled your academic responsibilities, volleyball seasons, social life and studying abroad in Australia during your time at Roger Williams.  This last semester you handled studying remotely, while holding down an internship, like a pro!  You have developed into an amazing young woman.  All the knowledge you have gained, the experiences you have had and the friends you have made will lend themselves to you in the next part of your life's journey.  Your family looks forward to what the future holds for you and where your road will lead.  Always hold on to your passion for life and remember how much you are loved!  - Dad, Mom, Remy & Kaela

Marissa Magliato

Congratulations to the Class of 2020, and to my sister Jess!!  I’m so proud of you and all you’ve done. Thank you for everything you do, you are going to do amazing things in the future and I am so lucky to have you in my life.

Nicole Marmo

Congrats on graduating! Can’t believe it’s already been 4 years. Hope you’ve enjoyed your time at school and are ready to finally go out into the real world. Can’t wait to see the things you’ll do and what you’ll soon accomplish. Best of luck!

Tyler Mucha

Riley - Congrats on crossing the finish line and graduating! I know from experience that school can seem long and tough at times, but you’ve done something great that you can be proud of. I know you’ll accomplish great things in your future career and in life. I’m very proud to call you my brother. Keep working hard and never look back!

Margaret Bailey

Shaun, I am so very very proud of you.  From being a small child you have always worked had at your studies.  You have proved how dedicated you are, by working full time in a special job, and taking care of your family.  I know you intend to go further with your education in the future because that is the way you are Shaun. Wish I could be there with you.  (Nana Betty England)  

Grandparents of Shaun Marmas

Congratulations Shaun!  Well done your hard work paid off.  Were both very proud of you.  Love Nan and Grandad

Mary and Jim Stone
Proud Parents

Congratulations Justin and the Class of 2020! It is not the senior year you hoped for but we are so proud of your accomplishments in the classroom and on the field. Wishing you success as your next chapter in life begins! Love you! Xoxo

Jenny & Mick Shevak

Congratulations Zoe! You have worked so hard for this now you can celebrate.

Sandra & Steve Marmas
Proud Parents

Shaun, you continue to make us so proud! Congratulations on all your hard work, college is not easy when you are also juggling to spend time with your beautiful wife & children as well as working full time as a first responder. But you succeeded son, well done! We love you so very much!

David and Liz Gesualdi
Proud Parents

Alec Gesualdi, we are so grateful and proud of all you have accomplished.  All the hard work you have put in has paid off and now your reward lies ahead.  Live life to the fullest and give it nothing but your best.  We love you and pray that your future is just as bright as you are!

Joseph & Christina DaRocha

Samantha DaRocha - we are so proud of you and all your accomplishments. Your hard work and dedication preserved during a difficult time.  Congratulations on your History and Legal Studies Degrees.  We love you! When the time is right, we will have the celebration you deserve.  Love you!!!

Cheryl Valenti

Congratulations to you Nick Valenti. You are truly a Master of Architecture. May your great ideas and designs inspire the world!

Rob and Colleen Mucha

Riley- we are so very proud of you and it has been pure joy sharing  in your accomplishments and experiences at RWU. Never forget the lessons you’ve learned and keep your friendships close. Your next chapter starts now - you are ready!  Love you! Mom and Dad

Rob and Colleen Mucha
Family Friend

Sarah- Congratulations! it’s so hard to believe 4 years are over. We look forward to celebrating together soon and are so thankful that you have become part of our lives. Wishing you the absolute best!

Judy and Bob
Friends of Zoe Loeffler ‘20

Congratulations Zoe!! We’re so proud of you! I wish you could’ve been here in person but next year we will have a huge party!! We love you! Judy (USA Mom) & Bob ❤️❤️

Professor W. Brett McKenzie

What is graduation without bagpipes, processionals, and speeches  - I have recorded my virtual graduation where some alums and RWU '20 stars joined me. The video is here:
--- Enjoy and congratulations

Christine Costa
Proud Parent

Congratulations CaraMia Rose Costa! You did it! I am so very proud of all your accomplishments and the strong, wonderful person you have become. Go on and change the world! I love you!

Athena Brodsky

Leah, we are so proud of you!  You persevered and completed your final semester the way you finished your first semester: Dean’s List!  Your thoughtful and insightful writing skills, refined at RWU, will serve you well as you continue to make your mark in this world.  We love you!  We’re excited to read and listen to your new poems you’ve created during these crazy days!  

Kristin and Tom Berteletti

Mikayla, you continue to make us so proud! Your determination and perseverance have certainly formed you into the lovely, young woman you are today. The last four years at Roger Williams University will forever be wonderful memories of friendships, knowledge and leadership. It’s now time to take those gifts into the world. Congratulations on all your hard work! We love you so much!
~ Congratulations to the entire RWU Class of 2020!

Craig Jennings

Congratulations Zoe!  I am so proud of you and all your hard work the past few years. Enjoy your day!  XOXO

The Thorp Family

Congratulation Kayla Azouri! What an accomplishment! Wishing you much happiness in your bright future!

Emily Borges

Congratulations Emily Borges and the class of 2020! Emily- we are so proud of you and all your accomplishments, especially under such difficult circumstances. We love you, Mom and Dad

Aliki Panagiotidis

Congratulations Stathi Panagiotidis!!!❤️ We are so very proud of you and all the RWU 2020 graduates.  We wish you nothing but the best. Xoxo

Carol Sacchetti

Congratulations to the Class of 2020!  We are proud of your accomplishments, honors, and ideas that have changed our campus.  A special thank you to all of our involved student leaders who left their mark by creating traditions and opportunities for others.

As you move to the next chapter in your life, remember the words of JK Rowling:  “We do not need magic to change the world, we can carry all the power we need inside ourselves already.”  I look forward to hearing all the wonderful opportunities that await you.  

Molly Sweet
Teammate and Friend

Congratulations senior swimmers! I'm so proud of all of you. I'm so glad I was able to meet such wonderful people. Good luck in your future endeavours, and hope to see you all real soon! Congrats Babuka, Billy, Peter, Harkins, Conor, Mike S, Jen, Brooke, Madison, Casey, Hannah, Liz, Kindra, Allison, Kenzie, and Kelly!!!

Michelle & John Liberty

Congratulations John and the Class of 2020 on your Graduation from RWU!  We are so proud of all that you have accomplished and look forward to the future ahead! May all of your dreams come true!  Love Always, Mom, Dad, Christina, Lisa, Grammy, Pepe, Nana & Gramp

Vanessa Rodriguez

YAY SOR YOU DID! I am so insanely proud of you! I’m so excited to see what the future holds for you but I know for a fact it’s gonna be AMAZING things. Time to get to THE ultimate bag. I love you forever sis CONGRATS!!!

Kiara Long
CONGRATULATIONS to the class of 2020 and a special shout out to my sister Sorangel Peguero. Super proud that all your hard work has paid off. Such a bright future ahead of you, can’t wait to see it unfold!

Loreal Moniz

SOR! We, as a LT group, are so proud and happy to call our friend a college graduate! Keep making everyone proud and keep being your witty self. Never change. Te amo!

Jennifer Morales
Best Friend

Congratulations to Sorangel Peguero! You deserve this and more! You’ve worked so hard these past four years, and it has all paid off. 4L!!!
Hue no soak wad coals!!!

Brenda Nieves

Congrats to my sister Sorangel Peguero!!! Today is a milestone. It tells you how far you’ve come. Keep learning, keep trying, keep accomplishing, and keep venturing on through your journey. Congratulations I’m so proud of you, love you!

Raul Encarnacion
Family Friend

Muchas felicidades y bendiciones para la hija de mis amigos Rafael y Maritza Peguero, la señorita SORANGEL PEGUERO por el logro de su graduación en RWU, ahora que se integrará al mundo laboral y comercial le deseo el mayor de los éxitos.

Jorge & Ruben

Congratulations Sorangel on this accomplishment! Wishing you many successes!! You are part of the trendsetters of the new way of graduating!!  Hugs - Jorge & Ruben

Doris Moret

Sorangel I am so proud of your accomplishments. You are an intelligent woman and a role model for all young ladies. Continue conquering the world! Congratulations and best wishes.

Maria Peguero

Mi querida sobrina Sor!!
CONGRATULATIONS to an intelligent, fearless, goal oriented, strong and beautiful young woman!!  This is not just an ordinary celebration, but a celebration of reaching a huge milestone in your life. You were able to accomplish your goals with tenacity and strength during such a rough and unparalleled time.  Though we are unable to celebrate in GRANDE with family/friends and have a formal gathering, the biggest achievement has been completed!  In the near future,  we will come together as family/friends and celebrate all of your accomplishments. Wishing you the best on your new journey. ~With love, Maria

Carlos Peguero n’ Karen Paladino

CONGRATULATIONS Sor!!! I wouldn’t expect nothing less from you. We are very excited for you and proud of the person you have grown to be. I know you’re going to do great on this new chapter of your life!!! Xoxo

Friend of Sorangel Peguero

First and foremost, I would like to Congratulate you on such a precious milestone in your young life. I’m genuinely happy you get to celebrate all your sleepless nights and early mornings. You deserve it!   I pray that this is just the beginning of many bigger achievements in your career/life. With your determination, perseverance, focus and creativity, you can do anything your beautiful soul desires. You continuously inspire me in ways you can never imagine. And I’m truly thankful for being fortunate enough to be in the presence of a wonderful person like you. May God always be with you. -PS Friends is better than the Office

Liz Mendonca

Congratulations to Matt Harkins!!  We are so proud of all you have accomplished ... Mechanical Engineering and Swimming!!Go Hawks 2020!!! Love Mom and Dad

Majella Dermody
Family of Aidan Keene

Congratulations Aidan!  We're so proud of you and all that you accomplished over your 4 years at Roger Williams!  I know you loved being a Hawk and made lasting friendships during your time there.  This is certainly a historical time to be graduating, but we can't wait to see the great things we know you'll achieve in your life.  We love you so much, Mom and Erin

Zoe Loeffler
Graduating Senior

WE DID IT!!! Class of 2020, this may not be the weekend we had all dreamt of, but I'm sure we can all mark this occasion in our own special way. Turn your tassels, be proud of yourselves, and I'll see you next year when we get our 'in-person' moment!

Sorangel Peguero
Graduating Senior

Congratulations to the class of 2020 for graduating! Shout out to my babes: Stephanie Cruz, Lauren Ramirez, Elfreda Hoff, and Gina Mendoza. Been here for me since day 1 and haven't switched. I love you. Cheers to us and more life!

Kent and Allison Rutledge
Parents of Ashley Rutledge

CONGRATULATIONS ASHLEY RUTLEDGE and RWU Class of 2020!!!!  Ashley we are so proud and impressed with all of your accomplishments and growth over the last 4 years at RWU!  You have become a strong independent adult who has made, and is making, a positive difference in many young lives!  Having your senior year end like this is something no one expected but try to remember all the great memories and friends you made over the last 4 years. You continue to impress us with how you have adapted your teaching to provide fun and interactive instruction remotely to your students! Congratulations also on your first photography "Show"!  We are so proud and happy for you that your photography portfolio of this pandemic will be the opening display at our town's library when this craziness is over.  We wish you much happiness and success as you continue your passion of educating the youth of our world, as well as continuing your other passion of photography!  We love you, Mom, Dad and Emily

Robin Stone

Congratulations Class of 2020! All the best as you begin a new chapter in your lives. I'm looking forward to hearing about all the great things you'll do.

Paul Webb

Congratulations graduates! It's been a pleasure working with you for the past four years. I'm sorry your Roger experience is ending in this way, but we're proud of what you achieved, and are excited to see what you accomplish in the future. Keep in touch!

Kate Tenney

Congrats Elise Tenney I are so proud of you and all that you have achieved in your four years at Roger Williams! I know you won’t need it but we hope for the best in your new job and years after college! Love you

Willie Preskiggs
Graduating Senior

This year has been a difficult one, but a rewarding one for all graduates. In these struggling times, we ( the class of 2020) have fought to the end. Congrats to all.

Peter Thompson

You have been such a great class! So many leaders, and so many fun, creative initiatives. You made this campus wonderful, and you'll be missed. -- Professor Peter Thompson

Lisa Durant
Parent of Candice Durant

Congratulations Candice!  We are so very proud of your accomplishments and look forward to the amazing things you will do in your very bright future!  Congrats to all your friends who were a great support to you during your four years at RWU!  Love, Mom, Dad, Nick, Rebecca and Rachael

Barbara and John Manion
Friends of Liana Mattera

Congratulations Liana!!!  So very proud of you!! Best wishes in your next adventure!!!

Kevin Deeb
Graduating Senior

Congrats to some of my best friends: Mack, Max, Haley, Mikayla, Tyler, Mia, Al, Ashley, Sarah, Christian and the rest of the Class of 2020!. We did it!!! CLASS OF 2020 can't wait to see you all soon for celebration.

Marge Thibodeau

Congratulations Spencer Thibodeau! We are so proud of you!

Debbie Crossman

Taylor Scarpaci... WOW what a road you’ve been on.  I am so very proud of you!  You did it!  Congratulations class of 2020.  A whole new life is ahead you.  Love you

Messages for Michael Leonard Nigro ’20

Congratulations on your Graduation! We are so proud you and all your accomplishments.  We love you and miss you!  Congratulations to the RWU Class of 2020!  Lots of Love from, Mark, Karen and Christopher Loftis.  ~ Family

We are very proud of you!  Congratulations on your Graduation! We Love You, Papa and Nana Nigro. ~ Grandparents of Michael.

CONGRATULATIONS!  I'm proud of you!  Love You! ~ Uncle of Michael

Congratulations on your Graduation from RWU!  We're proud of you!  ~Uncle Charlie and Aunt Carol McLaughlin

Way to Go!! Congratulations on your 2020 RWU Graduation! We Love You!  ~Uncle Lenny, Matthew and Nicolas Nigro

Congratulations to my handsome nephew Michael on your graduation from Roger Williams University. I am so proud of you and always have been. You are a star.  I can't wait to give you a hug. Love you lots - Auntie Moe. XXOO

Todd and Mary Ann Magliato

Jessica Magliato we are so proud of you and all your accomplishments. Our little brown eyed girl has graduated college. We love you!
Congratulations to the RWU Class of 2020!

Josephine Marmo

Congratulations graduating class of 2020!  Especially to Jessica Magliato, we are so very proud of you. We look forward to all of you making the future a better place.

Marcus Hanscom

Through the hardest times, we all learn and grow the most. This year will be a bookmark for all of us, though for all of the graduates, I hope you look back on your graduation as a time to celebrate your tremendous accomplishment. My sincere congratulations to the Class of 2020 graduating undergraduate and graduate students. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

Heidi Dagwan

While your celebrations might be small, your accomplishments are huge!   Congratulations Class of 2020 and best of luck in this new chapter!

Melanie Stone

Congratulations Class of 2020!! We are all so proud of your accomplishments!  We can't wait to see where are Senior Hawks fly!  Wishing you all the best!