Proposal Development

Some Common Elements of a Proposal

Depending on the guidelines of the funding agency, some or all of the following may be required in a proposal:

Cover Letter 
Clear, concise overview of organization, purpose or reason for amount of funding request.  This letter should also state how your proposal is within the scope of the funder’s mission and goals.

Executive Summary 
States project description clearly and succinctly and includes applicant, credibility, the need or problem, objectives, methods, total project cost and the amount requested.

Background Statement
Describe the University or applicant, including history and/or mission of the University, qualifications that establish credibility, evidence of like accomplishments, long-range goals and current programs and/or activities.

Needs Statement
States why the project or research is necessary, why now and why Roger Williams University is the best agent to do this project.  Any supporting statistical data should be included here.

Clearly outline all costs of the project, including materials, publicity, salaries, administrative support, travel, equipment, space rental or use (be as detailed as possible).

Program Goal/s and Objectives
A succinct description of the proposed project outcome and accomplishments, including overall goal/s and specific objectives or ways in which you will meet the goal/s.   There should be at least one goal for each problem or need stated. 

Methods to Meet Objectives
Describe the process to be used to achieve the performance and/or product.  Include chronological description, actions that will accomplish objectives, impact of proposed activities, how they will benefit the community and who will carry them out, a timeline of activities and long-term strategies for maintaining the on-going project or program.

The plan for measuring performance or results of the project or program.  State who will be involved in evaluating and how results will be used to address the need.

Dissemination of Results
Will the results of the project be published or in some other way be distributed?