VeriCite Anti-Plagiarism Program

VeriCite is a cloud-based, anti-plagiarism education and detection tool that is integrated into the Bridges (Sakai) learning management system. VeriCite works by comparing submitted work against a wide range of sources - both on the Internet as well as within our RWU institutional repository.

Here are some useful resources for using VeriCite

For Faculty - Video demonstrations

VeriCite: User Interface (2:19)

Creating a Bridges Assignment with VeriCite (1:31 minutes)

This video demonstrates the process of creating an assignment in Bridges with  an automatic plagiarism check from VeriCite

Viewing a VeriCite Report as an Instructor (4:33 minutes)

Grading a VeriCite Assignment in Bridges (Sakai) (1:35 minutes)

This video covers the grading process within an assignment that contains VeriCite reports for student submissions

For Students - Video Demonstration

How to Submit a Bridges VeriCite Assignment (1:07 minutes)