Meetings (aka BigBlueButton) is a web conferencing tool available in every Bridges course. 

Meetings allow faculty to create a virtual meeting where students can log in and interact. Faculty can use Meetings to conduct virtual office hours, online tutoring sessions, an online class, or a group session.

Meetings offer:

  • Audio via computer microphone or phone
  • Screen sharing to show slides, documents or anything on a local computer desktop
  • Text Chat
  • Webcam videos (unlimited number)
  • Whiteboard with the ability to annotate, zoom in, highlight, draw and write on presentations
  • Polling
  • Assign groups of students to breakout rooms
  • Add live closed captioning
  • Ability to record the sessions for review (note that recordings are automatically linked in Meetings for easy student access)

See the following training session video we had here at RWU on Thursday, 9/27/18 by our customer support manager Charmaine at Meetings/BigBlueButton: Training Session Video (54 mins)

Want to try it? See Meetings/BigBlueButton Video Tutorials to get started.

Note that if you don't see the Meetings tool on your Bridges course menu you need to add it. To add Meetings to your course menu:

  1. Log in to your course
  2. Click on Site Info
  3. Click on Manage Tools
  4. Scroll down the list of tools and click in the box to the left of Meetings to select it
  5. Click on Continue at the bottom
  6. Click on Finish

You should now see the Meetings button added to the course menu.

If you wish to move it up from the bottom of the tool menu, click on Site Info again, Tool Order tab, drag & drop the Meetings box up the menu tool list to where you would like it displayed, and then hit Save.

Click on the Meetings button in the left tool menu to create your first meeting.