The CSALT2 Instructional Design & Technologies team has assembled documentation and narrated video demonstrations for many of the instructional technologies offered at RWU. If you would like a tutorial added to this list please contact the ID team at id@rwu.edu or call (401) 254.3187. 

  • Bridges > https://bridges.rwu.edu
    • The Bridges learning environment powered by Sakai is an open-source course management system that facilitates the creation of sophisticated web-based instructional materials. Bridges provides the academic community with a single environment to manage courses, build e-portfolios for teaching, learning and assessment, while supporting collaboration with colleagues on research, projects, and various other university activities.
    • Rubrics 
      • Rubrics is a part of the tool set available in every Bridges course site. This tool allows you to use rubrics for Assignments, Tests & Quizzes, Forums and in the Gradebook. Rubrics make your expectations crystal clear so students know in advance what they need to do. Rubrics also provide automatic feedback to students when viewing their grades so no further explanation is needed.
  • Google Apps for Education > https://edu.google.com/products/productivity-tools
    • All students have Google accounts at RWU. In addition to Gmail, students have access to all the Google apps including Google Sites for eportfolios and simple websites, YouTube to create and share videos, Google Groups, Google Classroom, Google Drive to create and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations, Google Hangouts web conferencing, and much more.
  • Meetings/BigBlueButton > https://bigbluebutton.org
    • Meetings/BigBlueButton is a web conferencing tool included in every Bridges course. Meetings allow faculty to conduct virtual meetings for virtual office hours, online tutoring sessions, online classes, or group sessions from any Internet-connected computer.
  • Panopto
    • Panopto is a lecture capture application initially developed by Carnegie Mellon designed for capturing, editing, and streaming audio and video from presentations to the Web.
  • Poll Everywhere > https://polleverywhere.com
    • Poll Everywhere Student Response system allows instructors to take quick polls in their classrooms similar to using clickers without any additional hardware or software. Setting up a poll on the web or within a PowerPoint presentation is easy for the instructor and students can respond using their laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc.  Using Poll Everywhere allows instructors to get a quick snapshot of their students' understanding of the topic while simultaneously increasing engagement. RWU has a site license for this application. Interested instructors should send email to id@rwu.edu to request a license.
  • Multimedia Streaming Options
    • RWU has a range of options for streaming media available for faculty and students. Your goals and comfort level with the technologies dictate the best options for you. If you'd like a consultation about media options and get help selecting the best choice for you, you may contact the Department of Information Technology Classroom and Event Support via e-mail at itces@rwu.edu or via phone at (401) 254.3157 or contact a member of the Instructional Design team via e-mail at id@rwu.edu or via phone at (401) 254.3187.
  • Qualtrics > https://qualtrics.rwu.edu
    • RWU has a site license for Qualtrics Survey software. This application makes it easy to create powerful electronic surveys. Faculty, Staff and Students would choose their appropriate domain (ACADEMICS.RWU or RWU.EDU) and use their RWU username and Bridges/email password.
  • VeriCite > https://vericite.com/overview
    • VeriCite is an anti-plagiarism tool built into all Bridges courses. This program will automatically check assignment submissions in Bridges for plagiarism.
  • Other Software
    • Lynda.com - Just-in-time access to hundreds of video tutorials on a range of software packages. Refer your students to these tutorials for just-in-time learning or to fill knowledge/skills gaps or use them yourself to learn something new