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What's in a Name

At its core, PDQ@RWU is a site designed to tell stories. Naturally, the name of our site should offer a story in itself.

We could have called this site the RWU Newsroom, but our intent is to deliver more than just news. We could have called it News & Events – but even that leaves out announcements, publications, social media and more. Quite frankly, not one of the more predictable names seemed to capture the spirit of what we hope to achieve with PDQ.

So call it esoteric, enigmatic – obscure, if you want. We are PDQ@RWU. And we think that in the not-too-distant future, PDQ@RWU will be a familiar entry in the campus vernacular at Roger Williams.

For the uninitiated, the words behind the initialism are pretty darn quick. (Yes, we’re euphemizing.)

PDQ is a phrase that dates back more than a century – use it as a synonym for “immediately; at once” – but also one that’s gained steam since the dawn of the Information Age, given our collective propensity to compress language into easy-to-type, easy-to-text form.

Our ultimate goal? To get RWU stories out PDQ – on PDQ@RWU.