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Photographer - Crossings Yearbook

Job Description: 

Crossings is RWU’s annual yearbook, a student run publication made of stories and photos that culminate each academic year. Crossings provides experience working with others, how to time manage and meet deadlines, and an opportunity to publish your work as a part of RWU’s history.

As a part of the Student Programs and Leadership Department, it is Crossings mission to create a book that students and faculty both enjoy and appreciate. We want to make sure as many people, who are apart of the RWU community are featured in the book while including the events that make each year special.

Contact for an application: Randi Ochab, Editor-in-Chief,

Special Skills: 
-know how to use a Digital SLR camera or own your own
-feel comfortable approaching people in your photos for names & additional information
-be organized and deadline oriented
-be personable/team oriented (always willing to help out the other staff members)
-photography is a strong passion or have taken photography classes
-can organize and set-up group photos
Department Information
Contact Name: 
Adrianne Henderson
Student Programs & Leadership
Phone Number: 
Starting Date: 
August 19th, 2013