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Job Description: 

An algae culture technician is sought to manage a collection of live tropical seaweeds for ongoing research on the biodiversity of Panamanian marine algae. The culture technician must have excellent organizational skills, be willing to adhere to standard laboratory protocols, undergo laboratory safety training, and have a genuine interest in learning. On the job training will be provided. The primary role of the algae culture technician will be to maintain the existing collection, but opportunities to develop a specific project are possible. Depending upon the interests of the culture technician, projects could range from the identification of species in the collection to the development of education and outreach products.

Special Skills: 
Exceptional attention to detail
Excellent organizational skills
Ability to follow standard protocols
Willingness to ask questions
Curiosity/Love of learning
Academic Major Preferred: 
Biology, Marine Biology, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Biochemistry
Visual Arts, Graphic Design, Writing Studies
Department Information
Contact Name: 
Brian Wysor
Department of Biology, Marine Biology and Environmental Science
Phone Number: 
Starting Date: 
January 12th, 2012