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Project Manager – Community Partnerships Center

Job Description: 

Job Description: Student will serve as the project manager on one or two projects during the year (which may or may not be tied to their academic major) and will assist the CPC with the following tasks for those projects:

  • Project management for community partners, faculty and students
  • Support the overall project needs of multi-disciplinary projects
  • Project-specific precedent research
  • Project-based research
  • Project-based technical assistance
  • Meeting with the project partner throughout the process
  • Support for overall CPC operations
  • Support with transportation for project teams
  • Assistance with coordination of CPC events, including Open Houses and Accepted Student Days
  • Support for overall CPC operations

Student should be entering their junior or senior years. Students should have a positive attitude and be comfortable working in both independent and team settings.  Students should be able to adhere to guidelines and schedules.  Students should have strong written and oral communication skills, be well organized, and work well in a high-energy, fast paced environment. Student will be asked to attend monthly staff meetings with other student staff.

If interested, please email a cover letter and resume to Nicole Foti.

Special Skills: 
Experience in project management, team management, archival and online research, experience working in Microsoft products, strong written and verbal communication skills, and comfortable managing relationships between students, faculty and non-profit community partners. Certified RWU Driver for 12 passenger or mini-vans a plus – but CPC staff can assist you with obtaining this.
Academic Major Preferred: 
Junior or Senior in Community Development, Marketing, Communication, Business, Management, Psychology.
Department Information
Contact Name: 
Nicole Foti, Project Coordinator
Community Partnerships Center
Phone Number: 
Starting Date: 
July 30th, 2014