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Molly Katchpole

Five Steps to Ignite Your Inner Activist from Molly Katchpole ’11 and Biola Jeje

November 2, 2012


They were just simple steps – tweeting and shooting out an email – but they were all it took for Molly Katchpole ’11 to ignite her inner activist, the RWU alumna told students at the concluding event for Social Justice Week on campus last Friday.

In 2011, Katchpole had recently graduated from RWU’s art and architectural history program and was living in Washington, D.C., working two jobs and counting down the days until her six-month student loan repayment grace period would end. With the Occupy Wall Street movement in full force at that time, the public’s discontent concerning economic justice was palpable – everyone, including Katchpole, heard Occupy’s frustration in the news, on the Internet and in social media outlets. So when Bank of America announced a plan to institute a $5 monthly fee for its debit card users to access their money – which would hit Katchpole and other low-income Americans hardest – it was the last straw for her. And then it happened….

Ideas, Justice and Change

October 20, 2012

BRISTOL, R.I. -- Whether it’s engaging in a worldwide virtual discussion on the future of densely populated cities, or learning to inspire involvement from RWU alumna Molly Katchpole ’11 – who successfully petitioned Bank of America to drop a debit card transaction fee that hit low-income people hardest – a variety of events to inspire your inner activist will take place on campus during Social Justice Week, October 22 to 26.

After recognizing a need on campus to inspire more diversity, tolerance and cultural and social sensitivity, faculty members in the History and American Studies Department developed this inaugural weeklong series of events – co-sponsored by several departments and on-campus student groups – to encourage students to engage in social justice issues in ways that are meaningful to them.

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Standing Up to Bank of America

November 8, 2011

Upset by recent news that Bank of America planned to charge a monthly $5 fee for debit card purchases? Molly Katchpole ’11 was furious.

“I was mad as hell,” Katchpole told the CBS Early Show.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Katchpole – who works as a freelance account manager political consulting firm Winning Over Washington – started a petition on “Tell Bank of America No $5 Debit Card Fees.” Within days the online petition gained more than 150,000 signatures; to date, the petition has more than 350,000 signatures attached.

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