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Architecture Students to Partner in Developing Citywide Arboretum

August 28, 2015

NEWPORT, R.I. – With plans for numerous projects throughout the year – including planting trees and helping to envision urban forest renewal across the city – students and faculty in the School of Architecture, Art and Historic Preservation (SAAHP) at Roger Williams University have embarked on a partnership with the Newport Tree Society to develop a citywide arboretum.

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Tradition of Service Continues with Community Connections

August 24, 2015

BRISTOL, R.I. – For most of the freshmen who moved into the residence halls at Roger Williams over the weekend, college will be full of “firsts.” First time living away from home. First time choosing classes. First time… farming?

Some 1,100 volunteers from Roger Williams University infiltrated nearby cities and towns for the 11th Annual Community Connections day – the region’s largest single-day service program – on Monday, Aug. 24, partnering with 43 local nonprofits on projects that ranged from cleaning bird's nest boxes to delivering donated furniture to families in need and, yes, harvesting vegetables.

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University Awards $12,800 in Grants to Community Organizations in Bristol

June 12, 2015

BRISTOL, R.I. – As part of the Fund for Civic Activities established in 2007 when Roger Williams University and the Town of Bristol agreed to a 20-year “memorandum of understanding” accord, the Town of Bristol / Roger Williams University Cooperative Committee has awarded $12,800 in grant funds to seven local nonprofits and organizations.

The awards conclude the 13th cycle of biannual FCA awards, which were created to enhance the civic experience of Bristol residents, extend RWU’s commitment to active community engagement and provide support to local organizations. The University pledged $25,000 annually in FCA grants and to date has distributed $182,901 to support nearly 120 projects and initiatives.

Selections are made by the 12-person Cooperative Committee, which comprises individuals from both the Town and the University. The complete list of awards for this grant cycle includes:

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President's Report: Shining a Light on University's Past, Future

April 15, 2015

BRISTOL, R.I. -- When most folks think of a searchlight, those immense, unwieldy apparatus that project unmistakable beams of light, often dancing across the nighttime sky. Whether via a traditional carbon arc lamp or powerful Xenon bulbs, searchlights start with a high-intensity source of energy, collected in a parabola-shaped reflector and channeled into a common source -- that powerful beam of light. In many ways, our campus community is a reflective surface in its own right, collecting the energy and lumosity of students, alumni, faculty, staff and partners, returning it to a common source -- Roger Williams University -- and projecting a powerful beam of knowledge, expertise and talent beyond our campus, called upon to solve problems and to serve society. 

Blood Drive

The Rhode Island Blood Center will be hosting a blood drive Tuesday, April 7 and Wednesday, April 8 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. in North Residence Hall.

Blood Drive

The Rhode Island Blood Center will be hosting a blood drive Tuesday, April 7 and Wednesday, April 8 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. in North Campus Residence Hall.

At Home and Abroad, Student Supports Ugandan Women and Children of War

March 20, 2015

BRISTOL, R.I. – Imagine being a child torn from your family and forced into combat in Uganda’s civil war, where your victimizers may even compel you to harm your own family members or neighbors. If you were the lucky few to escape, how would you overcome the years of trauma inflicted by the experience?

Via University-sponsored service-learning programs in 2013 and 2014, Mikayla Diamond, a senior psychology major at Roger Williams University, has helped to heal the horrific effects that the conflict has stamped on the young women and children of the country. Inspired by the young women and teenaged girls of ChildVoice International’s Lukome Centre – a nonprofit organization that provides a therapeutic community to rehabilitate war orphans, former child soldiers and their families – Diamond recently organized “Art for Africa,” a silent auction held on the Roger Williams campus. With more than 80 pieces of donated art decorating Global Heritage Hall courtesy of organizers, students and local artists, Diamond raised $2,733 to subsidize the cost of a grain grinder for the Lukome Centre.

‘Blood Brothers’ Trade a Day of Practice for a Day of Donation

March 18, 2015

BRISTOL, R.I. – For the second time this school year, the mighty men of Roger Williams University’s Men’s Lacrosse team put down their sticks and sacrificed a valuable day of practice, opting instead to lay in bed – but just long enough for their blood to be drawn.

Head Coach Marty Kelly has been coaching at RWU for 14 seasons, and this is the fifth year he has organized an effort for the entire team to donate blood. It began as a simple way to give back to the community, but evolved into something even more meaningful.

“This was just something we came across that was an easy, one-day thing beneficial to those in need, but it was also kind of a team building exercise,” Kelly says. “Some of the guys were excited, but a lot were nervous and fearful, so [donating blood] was like a badge of courage.”

Experience that Transforms: The Pedagogy and Practice of Community Engagement

The Community Engagement FLC, with support from the Davis Educational Foundation, is pleased to announce a campus-wide presentation on community engagement by Rick Battistoni, Providence College Professor of Political Science and Public and Community Service. A nationally known expert on civic and community engagement in higher education, Battistoni is also an award-winning faculty member, incorporating community components into each of his courses.