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Feinstein College of Arts & Sciences

Film Screening: "The Raising of America"

RWU has the opportunity to screen an hour-long sneak peak of the California Newsreel documentary series, "The Raising of America," before the official debut of the five-part series later this year. RWU is hosting the pre-launch viewing to raise awareness about recent research on connections between early childhood experience and the long-term prospects for health, education, and economic success. How does America's policies and services for infants and young children measure up in comparison to other countries in the world?

The screening will be followed by a discussion led by RWU faculty and research staff. The discussion will include time for questions about and reaction to the film, as well as elicit suggestions about how local communities can join forces to increase support for the families and caregivers of young children in Rhode Island. For more information on the film,visit

Poetry Reading and Book Signing with Amish Trivedi

Amish Trivedi, an adjunct faculty member of writing studies at RWU, will read from his recently published book, "Sound/Chest." He will also be available for book signings! There will be a Q&A and book signing after the reading. Books will be for sale at the event in GHH G01.

Bilingual Poetry Translation with Santiago Vizcaíno and Alexis Levitin

Ecuadoran poet Santiago Vizcaíno, along with translator Alexis Levitin, will be conducting a bilingual poetry translation performance to celebrate the publication of his new book, "Destruction in the Afternoon," with publisher Lavender Ink.  

Grand Poetry Slam

Grace Ahl returns to host the first Grand Poetry Slam! Eleven RWU student slammers face off against six returning alumni! The Spring slam is part of National Poetry Month, in support of Pride Week, and in memory of Perry Maltese. Special guest judge will be renowned slam poet Staceyann Chin.

At Home and Abroad, Student Supports Ugandan Women and Children of War

March 20, 2015

BRISTOL, R.I. – Imagine being a child torn from your family and forced into combat in Uganda’s civil war, where your victimizers may even compel you to harm your own family members or neighbors. If you were the lucky few to escape, how would you overcome the years of trauma inflicted by the experience?

Via University-sponsored service-learning programs in 2013 and 2014, Mikayla Diamond, a senior psychology major at Roger Williams University, has helped to heal the horrific effects that the conflict has stamped on the young women and children of the country. Inspired by the young women and teenaged girls of ChildVoice International’s Lukome Centre – a nonprofit organization that provides a therapeutic community to rehabilitate war orphans, former child soldiers and their families – Diamond recently organized “Art for Africa,” a silent auction held on the Roger Williams campus. With more than 80 pieces of donated art decorating Global Heritage Hall courtesy of organizers, students and local artists, Diamond raised $2,733 to subsidize the cost of a grain grinder for the Lukome Centre.

Panel Discussion: Addressing Racism in America

This discussion will be about the topic of race and other factors that lead to our opinions on specific topics. This program will be a panel discussion that includes FCAS Dean Robert Eisinger, Professor of Psychology Charles Trimbach and Professor of Political Science June Speakman. The discussion will explore three recent controversial cases dealing with race: Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner. We will be looking at the media coverage of these events and examine how our opinions are informed by one-sided coverage. What perceptions do we have about the police and the stereotypical criminal? Does the fact of not knowing all the facts impact our decisions? Do people choose sides automatically regardless of the facts? And what possible solutions can we implement to bring our community together as one community not just on this campus, but the bigger picture of our nation as a whole?

Info Session & Reception: Gender & Sexuality Studies Minor

Join us for a Gender & Sexuality Studies Reception on Wednesday, March 18 at 4 p.m. in the Law School Bayview Room, 2nd floor. This information session is for students who are currently minoring or are considering a minor in Gender & Sexuality Studies, as well as for Gender & Sexuality Studies affiliated faculty, and anyone who wants to learn more about the Gender & Sexuality Studies program whilst hanging out with fabulous people. Come socialize, meet the people who are involved, learn more about the minor, and hear about Gender & Sexuality Studies-related programming on campus. Questions? Contact Prof. Laura D'Amore at

Radical, Trans-Inclusive Feminism Workshop with Staceyann Chin

Join Tony-nominated activist/author/spoken word poet, Staceyann Chin, for a discussion about feminism that examines how trans* identities, racial identities and varying levels of privilege can play a role in what we bring to/need from feminism.

Spoken Word Poetry Performance with Staceyann Chin

As part of National Poetry Month and a kick-off of Pride Week, Tony-nominated activist/author/spoken word poet, Staceyann Chin will deliver a night of spoken word poetry on issues of race relations, women's issues, gender and sexuality and immigration. Stay after the event for a book-signing reception with Ms. Chin. Merit point event! Co-sponsored by: Intercultural Center, Student Life Division, Department of English Literature & Creative Writing, Anthropology & Sociology Department, the Writing Center, Feinstein College of Arts & Sciences, SAFE, MSU, Women's Center.

CEED Faculty Member a Guru for Aspiring and Veteran Shellfish Farmers

March 11, 2015

Bristol, R.I. -- On Tuesday, The Providence Journal profiled faculty member Dale Leavitt of the University's Center for Economic and Environmental Development for his long-term success in teaching shellfish farmers how to create successful commercial operations growing oysters, quahogs, scallops and mussels via his Applied Shellfish Farming course held each spring on the RWU campus.

The front-page feature shares a brief history of Rhode Island’s oyster industry, summarizes Leavitt’s research contributions and paints a picture of his role as an educator. Students interviewed for the article describe him as a wealth of knowledge as well as a mentor and friend. Due in part to Leavitt's guidance, the commercial oyster farming industry in Rhode Island has grown from 10 farms in 1998 to 52 farms in 2013.

Click here to read the full profile of Leavitt on The Providence Journal website, or click here for a PDF version of the story.

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