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GSB Distinguished Leadership Lecture: Comcast CFO Michael Angelakis

Students and faculty are invited to the GSB Distinguished Leadership lecture that will be presented by Michael Angelakis, Chief Financial Officer and Vice Chair of Comcast Corporation. A number of regional business leaders and Mario Gabelli will be in attendance. This is an excellent opportunity to network with and learn from a select group of exceptional business leaders. Seating is limited and an RSVP is required. Please RSVP via e-mail to Vincie Bertolino in the Dean’s Office at

About Michael J. Angelakis

Michael J. Angelakis serves as Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer for Comcast Corporation. Michael is responsible for all corporate development, strategic planning, investor relations, internal reporting, external reporting, taxation, and other financial and administrative matters at Comcast Corporation, as well as other oversight responsibilities.

President's Report: Shining a Light on University's Past, Future

April 15, 2015

BRISTOL, R.I. -- When most folks think of a searchlight, those immense, unwieldy apparatus that project unmistakable beams of light, often dancing across the nighttime sky. Whether via a traditional carbon arc lamp or powerful Xenon bulbs, searchlights start with a high-intensity source of energy, collected in a parabola-shaped reflector and channeled into a common source -- that powerful beam of light. In many ways, our campus community is a reflective surface in its own right, collecting the energy and lumosity of students, alumni, faculty, staff and partners, returning it to a common source -- Roger Williams University -- and projecting a powerful beam of knowledge, expertise and talent beyond our campus, called upon to solve problems and to serve society. 

Providence Business News Names RWU Executive Vice President as Top CFO

April 7, 2015

BRISTOL, R.I. – When Providence Business News selected the honorees for its annual Chief Financial Officer awards program last week, the most prominent recognition went to a familiar face to those on the Roger Williams University campus – Jerry Williams, executive vice president for finance and administration, captured top honors in the newspaper’s career achievement category.

In nominating Williams for the award, University President Donald J. Farish commended his leadership in positively repositioning University finances in recent years in a way that enabled RWU to pursue its ambitious Affordable Excellence initiative – a direct response to the critical issues facing higher education, including escalating costs, rising student debt and job preparedness for graduates.

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Roving Eye Film Festival: The Jewish Experience

Hosted by RWU Multifaith Chaplain Rev. Nancy Soukup, join us for programming that focuses on the Jewish experience through a series of short films. Our 2015 Film/Speaker Series on The Jewish Experience was generously sponsored by The Edwin S. Soforenko Foundation.

Films will include:

"HaDerech Shel Ben," directed by Noam Oz-Setter | 55 min. | 2014, Israel, Mongolia
On August 9, 2006, a platoon of Israeli paratroopers operating in Dabel Miri, a Lebanese village, was hit by a Cornet missile fired by Hezbollah. Nine soldiers were killed. Ben Sela was one of them. He planned to devour the world but managed only a small taste. One of the formative journeys in his short life was to Mongolia, a year before the war in Lebanon. Ben and Avsha, riding horses, crossed the challenging Mongolian wilderness. Six years after his death his parents, joined by Avsha, are planning to follow his journey. They will go to the end of the world to get closer, as much as possible, to their beautiful child that is no longer with them.

Roving Eye Film Festival: The Jewish Experience

Hosted by RWU Multifaith Chaplain Rev. Nancy Soukup, join us for programming that focuses on the Jewish experience through a series of short films. Our 2015 Film/Speaker Series on The Jewish Experience was generously sponsored by The Edwin S. Soforenko Foundation.

Films will include:

"Pastrami," directed by Richard Böhringer | 7 min. | 2014, Germany, Israel
Hearing the rocket sirens, an Israeli family stops their car at the site of the road and ducks for cover. The father realizes, that he has to find an explaining for this unusual event to his scared son.

"Josef et Aimee," directed by Ben Shirinian | 14 min. | 2014, Canada
Josef and Aimee is a magical childhood love story about two children orphaned in the south of France during WWII. In this story of childhood love, loss and struggle, a young boy's quest to reunite with a cherished friend takes him on a journey where he finds so much more.

Roving Eye Film Festival: The Jewish Experience

Hosted by RWU Adjunct Professor Alice Cross and RWU Multifaith Chaplain Rev. Nancy Soukup, join us for a night of programming that focuses on the Jewish experience through film and guest speaker, Yonathan Friesem. Yonathan is an award winning producer and media educator from Isreal. His has been awarded for “best short film,” for his co-production of the film “Mur’alim,” and contributed as a co-producer on the award winning film, “Yeladim Tovim.”

Our 2015 Film/Speaker Series on The Jewish Experience was generously sponsored by The Edwin S. Soforenko Foundation.

Films will include:

"Paratiisin Avaimet," directed by Hamy Ramezan | 28 Min. | 2014, Finland & Turkey Iran, 1984.
Homeless brothers Majid (15) and Adel (11) try to survive their daily lives in a war-torn country. They attend school and work in their spare time, but life gets harder day-by-day.

Roving Eye Film Festival: Creating Conversations

In an effort to create conversations about important social issues on campus, Rev. Nancy Soukup from the RWU Multifaith Chaplain will host a night of discussion.

Two films will be shown:

"The Watershed," directed by Daniel Cojanu and Elise Hugus | 15 Min. | 2014, USA
Wastewater pollution is threatening the wildlife and livelihoods that give the Cape its authentic character. Fisherman can no longer make a living, and locals can no longer live with the assurance of an abundance of fish to feed their families. The Watershed shows the unique program between the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe and local scientists have found a solution that comes from the shellfish themselves, and people who live according to nature’s principles.

Roving Eye Film Festival: “Anthony Quinn: A 100 Year Legacy”

A film presentation on Roving Eye Film Festival honoree Anthony Quinn. “Anthony Quinn: A 100 Year Legacy” is a year-long focus by the Flickers: Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF) on the art, history, and film of legendary actor, Anthony Quinn, presented in collaboration with the RI Film and Television Office and the Anthony Quinn Foundation.

In a panel discussion after the viewing, Katherine Quinn, Steven Feinberg and Dr. Paula Prado discuss the legendary actor and his achievements. Katherine Quinn is the widow of Anthony Quinn and founder of the Anthony Quinn Foundation. Steven Feinberg is the Executive Director of Rhode Island Film & Television Office. Dr. Paula Prado is a Roger Williams professor, who has authored book chapters about Latin America media topics and has extensive professional experience as a journalist, media publisher, consultant, manager and producer.

For more information and a complete schedule of events and locations, please visit

Bestselling Author Nathaniel Philbrick to Deliver 2015 Commencement Address

April 6, 2015

BRISTOL, R.I. – National Book Award winner and New York Times bestselling author Nathaniel Philbrick – whose scholarship has made New England’s early history, from the Mayflower landing to the Battle of Bunker Hill, accessible to audiences both on the page and onscreen in the upcoming Ron Howard film In the Heart of the Sea – will address the Roger Williams University Class of 2015 and receive an honorary degree at the University’s Commencement ceremony on Saturday, May 16.

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University First in Rhode Island to Endorse Campaign to End Homelessness

April 1, 2015

BRISTOL, R.I. – As the Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless and volunteers across the state worked in March
to collect signatures of support for the Zero: 2016 campaign to end homelessness among veterans and the chronically homeless, Roger Williams University became the first university in the state to offer an organizational endorsement.

This week, the Coalition announced that it had reached – and in fact exceeded – its goal of 2,016 endorsements in Rhode Island, among a handful of states selected to launch Zero: 2016. The intent is to use the commitments to illustrate the existence of the public and political will to undertake efforts such as increasing the availability of affordable housing to end homelessness in Rhode Island.

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